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Month: October 2008

Gift Card Deals for the Week – 10/29/08

Here are the top gift card deals for the week:

Costco Selling Starbucks Gift Cards at 20% off
Costco is now selling Starbucks gift cards at 20 percent off. They come in a package of five, $20 gift cards for $79.99, a savings of $20.

Radioshack – Trade Your Old, Broken Gadgets for a Gift Card
Don’t get rid of your old, broken gadgets yet. Radio Shack has started an online Trade-In Program that allows consumers to exchange their old gadgets for gift cards. All you need to do is visit their website, search their database for your gadget and offer the best quality assessment that you can, and they provide a mail-in sticker that you print. Your gift card is sent within 10-14 days after the gadget is receieved.

Circuit City Going out of Business?

Folks – For those of you who have been reading this blog all year, you are probably familiar with the stories I have posted about Circuit City and the constant rumors about whether they are going to stay in business or not.  In April 2008, I predicted in this piece that of all the retailers that are struggling, Circuit City, together with Linens ‘n Things, The Gap, Sears, Kmart, Pier 1, and Office Depot are likely to go bankrupt. Well, unfortunately, some of this is coming to pass. Linens ‘n Things is going out of business and it looks like Circuit City may not be too far behind.

I am putting Circuit City in this category because the company has yet to find an answer to Best Buy. In May, I posted this story about problems at Circuit City and the offer from Blockbuster to merge the two companies. Since then, the company has missed earnings and has been laying staff off. But the problem seems to be the business model, which has yet to be fixed to better compete with rival Best Buy.

The current economic crisis has made things worse and according to this story from Reuters, the company is planning to close 150 stores and lay off thousands of workers. Whether this will stop the bleeding is anybody’s guess. So, if you currently hold a gift card from Circuit City, I strongly urge you to use it NOW! There is a real possibility the company may have to file for bankruptcy and you don’t want to be left with worthless gift cards.

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Linens and Things Going out of Business

Folks, the economic tsunami has taken down yet another retailer – Linens ‘n Things. As I reported in this piece back in April, Linens ‘n Things has been struggling under the weight of the economic downturn. The company filed for bankruptcy reorganization in May, hoping to come out of bankruptcy as a leaner, more focused company. It appears things did not work out that way.

The company has therefore abandoned its reorganization plan and has auctioned its assets to the highest bidder. As a result, beginning Friday, October 17th, all remaining 371 Linens ‘n Things stores in the United States will begin their “Going out of Business Sales” where their entire inventory will be sold at a discount.

What does this mean for gift card holders? If you currently hold a Linens ‘n Things gift card, you may be out of luck. As I mentioned back in May, the gift cards were redeemable while the company was undergoing reorganization. But now that they have decided to liquidate the business, your card may be worthless. However, I encourage you to try and see if they will accept your card during the liquidation sale (please be kind and post your findings in the comments section to help others in a similar predicament :):)

Which brings me to the question of why the company did not alert gift card holders to come in and redeem their cards when they knew they were going under? I will explore this issue in another article since the same thing happened with The Sharper Image when they abandoned their reorganization plan and decided to liquidate the entire business, leaving gift card holders with worthless gift cards.

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