Today, travelers not only accumulate frequent flyer miles from flying on a variety of airlines, but there are also credit cards that allow you to add to your airline miles. While the benefit of extra miles is obvious to the frequent flyer who can take advantage of the free flights, what about the casual traveler? Not everyone wants to redeem their miles for more flights and it would be simpler to just be able to get cash. Gift Card Rescue provides a solution to those who have accumulated frequent flyer miles and would rather have cash then anything else.

How it Works

For some frequent flyer programs like Delta Skymiles, you can use miles to purchase gift cards to some retailers like Macy’s, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Red Lobster.

We recommend redeeming your miles for gift cards to retailers that we pay the highest value for, like grocery stores, Walmart, Macy’s, Target, and Best Buy (that way, you can get the most cash for your miles). It should be noted that Gift Card Rescue does not buy all gift cards, but only the ones listed on our merchant list.

After you receive your gift card

Sign up for an account here and select to sell us a card. You will receive a quote based on the value of the cards. You then ship the cards to us. Once we receive the cards, we will mail you a check within 48 hours. Concerned about the process or have additional questions? Send us an e-mail at or click here for more on how it works.