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Gift Cards Finally Go On Sale in Post Offices

A few months ago, there was an announcement that post offices will start selling gift cards in select locations nationwide. This week alone, an estimated 1800 locations are already participating reportedly and they are set to roll out to 3,000

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American Express Launches New Prepaid Plastic

Over the past year, there has been significant growth in the credit card and debit card markets, but more in the latter. Credit card transactions grew by about 4% to $1.96 trillion while debit card transactions grew by almost 14%

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Prepaid VISA Gift Cards

A prepaid gift card is as simple as using a credit card, only better. A prepaid card is an ideal gift to give your loved ones especially if you don’t know what to bring them. They serve as excellent birthday,

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Amazon Trade-In Expands to Electronics


Amazon recently upgraded their trade-in program to include electronics like Apple iPads, Android Phones, Digital Cameras and GPS Units. Previously the trade in program only offered movie, book, and game trade-ins for gift cards. The move puts Amazon in direct

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eGift Cards- The New Gift card?

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Exchange Coins for Gift Cards at Coinstar


Did you know that at your local Coinstar you can trade in your unwanted change and convert them into gift cards? It’s a simple and easy process which will now be available at over 1,400 Safeway locations in the United

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Wachovia – Wells Fargo Visa Buxx Prepaid Card Review

Wells-Fargo-And-Wachovia-visa buxx gift card

The Wachovia (Now Wells Fargo) Visa Buxx gift card is a prepaid, reloadable gift card designed for teens. A parent loads the card with cash, providing the teen the ability to purchase goods and services anywhere Visa debit cards are

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Telemundo Branded Gift Cards Targets Hispanics

Telemundo and NBC have partnered with inComm to introduce a new line of Telemundo-branded Visa and MasterCard gift cards which hit retail locations at the end of last month. Incomm is a leader in sales and marketing of prepaid products

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Craigslist Gift Cards- Buyer Beware!

Craigslist is one of the most popular websites on the net today. A person can find practically anything on craigslist from jobs, to housing, to personals, and anything thing you can think of is for sale, including gift cards. Craigslist

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The Power of Discounted Gift Cards

Bargain shoppers, penny pinchers and deal hunters already know. The best way to get more bang for your buck, no matter what you’re buying is by using discounted gift cards. The idea is simple. Go shopping, pick out what you

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