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Month: August 2011

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Apple Unveils Gift Card Exchange Program

Do you have a bunch of old Apple gadgets laying around? Did you buy the iPad 2 or a new iPhone with your old Apple product still at your house? If you’re not currently using that product you can actually exchange it for an Apple gift card. Apple’s new gift card exchange program really has consumers excited because people who like to buy the newest products can just trade in their old ones for a dramatic discount off of the new item. The Apple gift card you recieve can be redeemed for anything at the Apple store [locator], on iTunes for media, or even on the APP store for new games and applications for your iPad, iPhone, or Mac.

Trade your iPhone or iPad for a new gift card

The original iPad in the 32 gigabyte form with Wi-Fi in perfect condition will net you a $180 gift card. If there is a minor amount of damage to the iPad then you will get a $115 gift card. It’s very easy to maintain the pristine condition of your Apple products with one of the great cases or other screen protectors. You can use this trade in calculator found on the Apple website to see how much you will get for your used Apple products. The offer made on the website is not permanent and they will actually have to verify your product in-store before you will receive any sort of exchange.

You do have other options as well for selling your unwanted Apple products. You can sell electronics for cash at websites like BuyMyTronics or Gazelle who will pay you to ship your products to them. Some of these websites will pay up to $250 for the same iPad that Apple will give you $180 for. Cash is definitely better than having a gift card, but as a consume it’s important to do your own research before you decide to exchange your electronics.

Previously Apple only offered to recycle old computers for a fee or free if you were buying a new iMac in store that day. But now with the gift card exchange program you can swap any of your old Apple products for a brand new gift card. They even offer options to trade in off branded products like any computer that is powered by an Intel Core 2 Quad 3.2 ghz processor will net you a cool $108 gift card. This is because Apple will recycle the hardware inside of the computer to use for other products.

Gift Cards You Can Buy Online

Gift cards remain one of the best ways to congratulate someone for a job well done or as a present for any occasion. It’s no wonder that people love to buy gift cards online, which saves the hassle of a trip to the store. There are many different types of gift cards that you can buy online and this article will help you differentiate between your choices so that you can pick the one that is right for you or your friends and family.

The Different Types of Gift Cards

Plastic Gift Cards – these are the most common type of gift cards that can be purchased online and what everyone always thinks of first. You can order your gift cards online and have them shipped to wherever they need to be sent. This is a great tool if you have a friend or family member that you will not see, you can just visit the merchants website and have them ship the card. This way you can avoid going to the store to buy the card and then having to visit the post office to get it shipped.

Online Gift Cards – these are also known as e-gift cards, electronic gift cards or e-cards. These gift cards are meant to be used at the businesses website and some of the most popular cards are, Walmart, and Target. When you buy online gift cards you will need to select the method of delivery to your recipient which can be sent directly to their email, cell phone, or sometimes even to their Facebook account. It’s important to communicate with the person you’re sending the e-gift card to so that they do not think that the message is spam and accidentally delete it.

Discount Gift Cards – did you know that there are gift cards online that you can buy for less than the face value? You can get deals for these cards and sometimes save up to 30%! You can save on everything that you normally do like go out to eat at restaurants, shop for new clothes, or buy home improvement supplies. Another savvy shopping tip is to combine these discounted gift cards with coupons and sales offered by the merchant. You will be surprised by how much money you’ll be able to save and be able to spend towards other things.

Prepaid Debit Cards – prepaid debit cards are just like gift cards except they can be used wherever you want and aren’t limited to just one store. Some of the most popular prepaid debit cards include the Walmart MoneyCard and the RushCard. With a prepaid debit card you can shop online at your favorite stores, withdrawal cash at ATM’s, or use it anywhere that Visa, MasterCard, or American Express is accepted. They usually come with a small activation or card fee and will have a monthly charge that is something that you do not see with gift cards.

Free Gift Card Week provides the best way to find gift card deals that include a sweet bonus for yourself!

Free iTunes Gift Card with Apple Back to School Discount

If you are going back to college and need a new computer, Apple offers a great student discount on their popular Macbook and iMac products that can also net you a free iTunes Gift Card. With your iTunes gift card you can purchase anything in the iTunes store like music, tv shows or movies. You can also use your free iTunes gift card to buy applications and programs in the Mac App store. Also, all new Mac products come with the brand new operating system OSX Lion for free.

Buy a new Macbook & Get a Free iTunes gift card!

How to get a Free iTunes Gift Card

If you buy a qualifying Macbook between June 16th and September 20th 2011, you will receive a 10% discount and a free iTunes gift card worth $100. You must be a registered college student, teacher, staff member, or parent of a college student to be applicable for the discount. You will have to show some sort of identification to get the deal such as a student ID card or copy of your transcripts.

Using your Free iTunes Gift Card

Once you set your new Mac up, you’ll have to register for an Apple account. Registering for your Apple account is incredibly easy and only takes a couple of minutes. After you login to your account you can scratch the back code of the Apple to reveal the iTunes code. Be careful and scratch the back off gently so that you don’t erase any of the code. Enter the code into your App Store or iTunes account and then you can spend the balance on whatever you’d like. Here’s a list of the most popular apps currently available for Mac. 

Military Discounts

With over 1.5 million Americans actively serving in the military today and over 800k enlisted in the Reserves, it’s important to give back to those who give up so much for our country. Members of every military branch deserve to be rewarded for their dedicated service. With so many Americans sacrificing so much for the betterment of our country, it’s nice to know that many American businesses offer extra discounts for members of the US military as a special thanks for their service. greatly values the sacrifices that military personal make every day. As a way of saying thanks, we have compiled a list of discounts from popular American merchants that offer discounts to any person in the US military.

If you know any others and want to share, please leave a comment below.

Most Popular Military Discounts

 Save 10% on your meal purchase

Discounts available with valid Military ID

Receive a discount when you bring your valid Military ID. Discounts vary depending on the store.

Receive a discount with a valid Military ID, discounts vary depending on location

Save 10% on your purchase

Discounts vary but go up to 15% on certain days with valid Military ID

Get a discounted ticket with a valid Military ID

Get 10% off on all parts

Save 10% when your bring in your Military ID

By Category


  • Applebee’s- 10% off your purchase
  • Arby’s – 10% off at most locations
  • A&W- 10% off at most locations
  • Back Yard Burgers-10% off at most locations
  • Burger King- 10% off at most locations
  • Captain D- 10% off at most locations
  • Carl’s Jr.- 10% off at most locations
  • Chick-Fil-A- 10% off at most locations
  • Chipotle- 10% off at most locations
  • Denny’s- 10% off at most locations
  • Dunkin’ Donuts- 10% off at most locations
  • Five Guys- 10% off at most locations
  • Golden Corral- FREE meal on Military Appreciation day (around Veterans Day)
  • IHOP- 10% off at most locations
  • KFC- 10% off at most locations
  • Krispy Kreme- 10% off at most locations
  • Long John Silver’s- 10% off at most locations
  • Pizza Hut- 10% off at most locations
  • Quizno’s- 10% off at most locations
  • Raising Cane’s Chicken
  • Red Robin- 10% off at most locations
  • Sizzler- 10% off at most locations
  • Taco Bell- 10% off at most locations
  • Texas Roadhouse- 10% off at most locations
  • Wendy’s- 10% off at most locations
  • Wing Zone- 10% off at most locations

Clothing and Shoes

  • Aeropostale- receive a 20% discount at participating locations
  • Dress Barn- discounts vary by location
  • The Finish Line- Save 20% at participating locations
  • Foot Action- save 10% at participating locations
  • Foot Locker- save 10% at participating locations
  • Goody’s- save 15%
  • Hot Topic-10% saving by calling Hot Topic’s customer service number toplace your order
  • Jockey- save 10% on your purchases
  • Lerner- Save 15% when you bring in your Military ID.
  • New York & Company- save 15% on your purchase
  • Rack Room Shoes- save 10% at most locations
  • Timberland Outlets (active duty only) Get a 20% discount with an active duty Military ID.
  • Wilson’s Leather- save 10%


  • Alamo- save 5-15% on your car rental
  • Alaskan Frontier Gardens- save 5-10%
  • American Airlines- Received discounted airfares
  • Amtrak- save 10%
  • Best Western- Discounts vary depending on room availability
  • Budget Car Rentals- up to 25% off your rental
  • Busch Gardens- save money through the “Here’s to the Heros” program
  • Comfort Inn- discounts vary upon location
  • Disney- currently running a “Let the Memories Begin” Military discount program
  • Enterprise- Discounts vary upon location
  • GreyHound- 10% off on all walk up fares
  • Hertz- receive special discounts on your car rental
  • Kings Dominion- Receive a discounted ticket
  • Ramada- save 15-30% with Military ID
  • Sea World- receive a one day complimentary pass
  • Six Flags- Receive a discounted ticket with Military ID
  • SouthWest Airlines- receive discounts on checked bag fees
  • United Airlines- receive discounts on airfare
  • Universal Studios- reduced ticket prices with Military ID

Thanks to all who served and are serving in our Military from!!!!!!!




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