Brief Summary
Designers, is looking for a beautifully clean newsletter template to be used for e-newsletters via Campaign Monitor to our customers. The style should be consistent with the look and feel of The key will be to keep it fun, sharp and flexible with the ability to alter the length depending on the content needs for any given time. The header should be fun, preferably with a fun photo or graphic.



The content of the newsletter will feature sections such as:
• This Week’s Deals (present on all newsletters)
• The rest of the newsletter will be used to communicate other free gift card deals we find on the web, news etc (length will vary)
• Require that the newsletter be tested and viewable in all forms of email i.e Outlook (all versions), Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc.
• We will be using Campaign Monitor for our email marketing, so the design which you develop needs to work well within Campaign Monitor
• Links to our Twitter and Facebook pages
• Must be able to be slightly manipulated for length as required without destroying the design.
• clean white background
• Must indicate current date
• Must include our logo and color scheme
• Must be attractive and easy to read – lightweight and fun
• Must be flexible
• Space for images
• Top menu with “Buy Gift Card, Sell Gift Card, Contact Us” links
• Must have unsubscribe link and ability to view as a webpage at the TOP like current newsletter (see bottom of page for link)
P.S. We are not tech savvy. All we want to do is edit (add content/text) just like the free campaign monitor templates and be good to go – Our current template was a free template from Campaign Monitor but we need something more eye catching and fun.

Examples of headers we find interesting (height may be too long but you get the idea)

As part of the bottom of the newsletter, we would like a “How it works” kind of graphic demonstration:

Here is the text.
New to

Here is how to Sell your Gift Cards for Ca$h:
1. Get a quote for your gift card.
2. Mail your gift card to us.
3. We verify gift card value
4. You get paid via PayPal within 24 hrs

That’s it. It’s that simple.

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We got the idea from this newsletter:

What we don’t want

• Cluttered, heavy design

Link to Current Newsletter