American Express Serve Card Review: No credit check, no activation fee, and no minimum balance. Accepted worldwide.

Where to buy an American Express Serve Card

The American Express Serve Card is sold at participating locations for the following retailers. Click to find the retailer locations nearest you.
• CVS/pharmacy®
• Duane Reade
• Family Dollar
• Fred’s Super Dollar
• Office Depot
• Sheetz
• Walgreens

"American Express Serve card"

How to check the balance on an American Express Serve Card

You can check your balance online, call customer service at 1-800-954-0559 or on your smart phone.
American Express Serve Mobile App
Use the American Express Serve Mobile App to check your balance and recent transactions, pay bills on the go, and send money to family or friends.

How to activate an American Express Serve Card

No activation is necessary. If you purchased a temporary card you can go online to get your personalized Serve card.

Can you set up Direct Deposit on an American Express Serve Card?

Yes, don’t wait to cash your paycheck or government benefits.

Where to buy an American Express Serve Card Online

Get an American Express reloadable prepaid account online

Can you use an American Express Serve Card to get cash from an ATM or cash back?

Yes, find an ATM near you

You may withdraw money for FREE from over 23,000 MoneyPass® ATMs in the US. If you withdraw money at a non-MoneyPass ATM, you will be charged a $2 fee to your Account at the time of withdrawal.3 In addition, ATM operator fees may apply.

How to reload an American Express Serve Card

Add money and use your Card for everyday purchases Add cash at the register for FREEacross 15,000 CVS/pharmacy® stores and participating 7 ELEVEN® locations. Or, you can add money with Direct Deposit, a bank account, or a debit or credit card.4 Then, use your Account to pay bills, buy groceries, and shop virtually anywhere American Express® Cards are accepted.
Mobile Check Capture
You can add checks into your American Express Serve Account using the American Express Serve® Mobile App.2 Take a picture of the front and back of the check and add to your Account.

How to replace a lost or stolen American Express Serve Card

If your Card is lost or stolen, you won’t be responsible for fraudulent Card charges. Shop with added confidence and Purchase Protection, which can help protect eligible purchases made with the Card against accidental damage and theft for up to 90 days from the date of purchase. Please read important exclusions and restrictions. Contact customer service at 1 800 954 0559.

Can you use an American Express Serve Card to pay bills?

Easily Pay Bills Online
Pay bills like your car payment or phone bill online. You’ll save time and postage by paying bills electronically (electronic transfers take as little as two days) and by storing payee information.