Do you have a bunch of old Apple gadgets laying around? Did you buy the iPad 2 or a new iPhone with your old Apple product still at your house? If you’re not currently using that product you can actually exchange it for an Apple gift card. Apple’s new gift card exchange program really has consumers excited because people who like to buy the newest products can just trade in their old ones for a dramatic discount off of the new item. The Apple gift card you recieve┬ácan be redeemed for anything at the Apple store [locator], on iTunes for media, or even on the APP store for new games and applications for your iPad, iPhone, or Mac.

Trade your iPhone or iPad for a new gift card

The original iPad in the 32 gigabyte form with Wi-Fi in perfect condition will net you a $180 gift card. If there is a minor amount of damage to the iPad then you will get a $115 gift card. It’s very easy to maintain the pristine condition of your Apple products with one of the great cases or other screen protectors. You can use this trade in calculator found on the Apple website to see how much you will get for your used Apple products. The offer made on the website is not permanent and they will actually have to verify your product in-store before you will receive any sort of exchange.

You do have other options as well for selling your unwanted Apple products. You can sell electronics for cash at websites like BuyMyTronics or Gazelle who will pay you to ship your products to them. Some of these websites will pay up to $250 for the same iPad that Apple will give you $180 for. Cash is definitely better than having a gift card, but as a consume it’s important to do your own research before you decide to exchange your electronics.

Previously Apple only offered to recycle old computers for a fee or free if you were buying a new iMac in store that day. But now with the gift card exchange program you can swap any of your old Apple products for a brand new gift card. They even offer options to trade in off branded products like any computer that is powered by an Intel Core 2 Quad 3.2 ghz processor will net you a cool $108 gift card. This is because Apple will recycle the hardware inside of the computer to use for other products.