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Ways to Avoid Gift Card Scams

There have been a variety of scams people have fallen victim to when trying to redeem their gift cards. Here are a few tips and situations to help you avoid being ripped off of your money.

1. After purchasing the card immediately write your initials on the back of it in permanent marker.

When an unknowing consumer goes to use their gift card at the place of purchase, the cashier will switch the card with a different one containing no value. When the cashier tries to verify the card and the value is zero the consumer is out of luck. Don’t let this happen to you by just writing your initials on the back of the card you won’t be fooled by such a trick.

2. Scratch off the account & pin number on the back of the card & write it down while also registering your card online

Scammers will copy down the account & pin numbers off of cards in stores like Walgreens that sell gift cards to a variety of places like Olive Garden Best Buy, and Barnes & Noble. They will then call and look up to see when the card was activated and if so they will use the account number to shop online. If you card is registered to your name and you can prove ownership with the account and pin number you will be able to retain the value.

3. Avoid auction websites like Ebay  ( Gift Card Rescue is not an auction website)

Sometimes people will overstate the value, sell used cards, or sell a card purchased with a stolen credit card that will be deactivated. Either way you don’t really know what you’re going to be purchasing or who it’s coming from. Don’t trust auction websites for Gift Cards like eBay because without any guarantee what are you really buying?

4. Carefully examine the front and back of the card before purchasing

If a card looks tampered with or the pin number is revealed Do Not Purchase! This means that someone has already copied down the account information and you should probably report the issue to management.

5. Watch your cashier carefully when buying the card

After your cashier scans the card and you have paid for it, watch carefully as he or she puts it into your bag. A cashier could easily change the activated gift card for an inactive one leaving you with nothing. Be sure to save your receipts as well in case this were to ever happen.

Why You Can Trust Gift Card Rescue

All purchases made through our website are 100% guaranteed. This means that if you buy a card with a value anything other then what was stated on our website we will refund you the entire value. All cards sold to us are personally verified for our staff before they are sold so your purchases can be made worry free. These statements can be verified by our consumer testimonials and media coverage in outlets like The Wall Street Journal, CBS, and the New York Times. Go Gift Card Rescue and avoid the possibility of a scam and get the card you want on discount.


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  1. For this new year I purchased a card and I had been cheated. Next time I must be careful and not blame others for my mistakes.

  2. these are great tips. i would never have known some of these.

  3. benhebert

    Thanks for the positive feedback. Trying my best to help everyone out. There is nothing worse then being scammed

  4. Man my mom bought a vanilla gift card for my cousin but he said that the card didn’t work when we got it back it was a different card number than the activated card number we dont know if my cousin switched the card to try and hustle us or if the packaging company put the wrong card in the package and when bought a different card was actives any help would be amazing we don’t want to call out my cousin as cheat

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