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Bankruptcy & Gift Cards – State Attorney Generals can help

Today’s piece is a follow-up to this story I posted on June 18th about a local spa in Missouri – Spa 151 that went out of business, leaving gift card holders with worthless cards they could not redeem. Some gift card holders filed complaints with the Missouri attorney general’s office. The attorney general was able to settle the issue with the owners of the spa for $103,000.

So far, 660 people have filed claims with the attorney general’s office and anyone with a claim has been given until Sept. 4th to file, after which checks will be issued to those affected. If you are a Spa 151 customer currently holding their gift card and would like to file a claim, click here for details.

This is great news and it sets precedence for how consumers can rely on their state’s attorney general’s office to fight for them in these situation, especially with local businesses that suddenly close shop, leaving their customers with worthless gift cards.


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  1. Carol Miller

    Is there anything else I can do about redeeming my Steak and Ale gift card since I missed the August deadline?

  2. GiftCardBlogger™

    Carol, unfortunately, there is not much you can do. I believe Steak and Ale has liquidated it’s businesses. Have you tried their website to see if there is any new information on redeeming gift cards?

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