3 Big Ticket Items at Walmart

Black Friday Deals at Walmart in 2009

For savvy shoppers out there, Black Friday can be one of the most exciting and hectic days of the year. Retailers across the United States will discount the most popular products at extremely low prices, which drive a massive amount of people into their stores.  Because it is the Friday after Thanksgiving almost everyone has the day off of work, making shopping ideal. Stores will generally open around 5 AM with some shoppers lining up the night before and camping out. If you can save $800 on a new flat screen television, a couple hours in the freezing cold can’t be too bad right?

If you’re looking to take advantage of some extreme Black Friday Holiday deals it’s important to have the right strategy in place. Here are a few tips from Gift Card Rescue on how to get the most out of your Black Friday Shopping Spree.

Have a Game Plan

A solid Black Friday Shopping strategy will take you and your dollar further then you even thought. First determine what you need to or want to purchase. There are going to be jaw dropping deals at every single store, so it’s important to determine what your main focus is. Generally the big ticket items will sell out quickly and you will have difficulty traveling from one store to the next, so it’s important to have a precise game plan. If you’ve never been out shopping on Black Friday before, beware because it is a frenzy. Typically each store will have a couple of major featured items. Here’s an example of Walmart last year.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

There’s no wrong in being selfish on Black Friday and buying something for yourself. Personally, I saved up the entire month of October to purchase a brand new television last year. However, you are able to take advantage of the savings and get a jump start on your Christmas or other Holiday Shopping. If you shop at a store like Macy’s, you can purchase a variety of different items rather than at a specialty store like a Express.

Spread the Troops Out

Since Black Friday is tied in with Thanksgiving, most families are together for the Holiday and go shopping the next morning as a tradition. If you’re going shopping with a big group, it’s much easier to take advantage of all of the different sales, without the hassle of driving around. With today’s technology it’s simple to stay in contact with cell phones. Just don’t let your nephew borrow your unlimited American Express credit card.

Double Dip with Gift Cards

There typically won’t be any coupons available for use on Black Friday, but you can always use discount gift cards and double dip on savings. For example, if you plan on buying a new washing machine from Home Depot,  you can start stocking up on Home Depot gift cards. This way you’ll take advantage of the Black Friday pricing and even save an additional 8%.  We sell gift cards to virtually every major merchant, so there is no easier way to save money.

We would love to know your best Black Friday Strategies! Leave a comment and we’ll add the best suggestions to this post.