Here at, we constantly get phone calls from prospective customers who want to know how our service compares to Cardwoo. Most of these people have either seen the radio or TV ads from Cardwoo and are price shopping. The problem is that Cardwoo does not publish how much they pay for gift cards because they don’t pay much.

A recent review by the Personal Finance Magazine Smart Money found that Cardwoo pays the lowest for gift cards when compared to other gift card exchange sites. For example, Cardwoo pays 50% for most cards, vs 77-80% by GiftCardRescue. See the image below for the Smart Money price comparison chart.

As you may be aware, Cardwoo is owned by the same company that runs Cash4Gold, and their business models are pretty much the same – which is you mail them your gold or gift card, and then they tell you how much they will pay you.

One can understand how this model works for gold, since it requires an appraiser to determine the value of the gold jewelry, etc. But unlike gold, gift cards have values on them. If you want to check the balance on a gift card, you can go online or call the number on the back of the card. So, when you want to sell your gift card, all you want to know is how much someone is willing to pay you for your card. There is no appraisal needed to determine the value of the card since we already have a way of knowing that.

That is why we at tell you how much we pay for gift cards we buy, so that you know what you are getting upfront. And that is the difference between our business and Cardwoo.