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How to Buy Bulk Gift Cards

Bulk gift  card purchases are a cost effective way for your businesses rewards program or towards a major purchase. For example bulk gift cards can be used to reward employees for their hard work, provide incentives for reaching goals or distributed to clients. Whether you are are small business with just a few employees or a major corporation with hundreds, you can save money by purchasing bulk gift cards at a discount.

Another use for bulk gift cards is as payment  for corporate events. Do you plan on hosting your office party at a restaurant or perhaps renting out a theater for a presentation? You could save an additional 5-10% on the entire cost with discount wholesale gift cards.

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Buy Bulk Gift Cards

First, you should determine what sort of program you’re going to use the gift cards for. If they are for an incentive program, your best option may be the prepaid American Express or Visa gift cards that can virtually be used anywhere. If you are rewarding your employees take their interests into account and reward them accordingly. Wholesale gift card programs offer a variety of options including stores like Neiman Marcus or restaurants like Dave & Busters.

Second, when choosing a supplier its important to look at the number of merchants and discounts offered. Also note that not all merchants come with the same discount.  The supplier should have a clear list of the different gift card merchants available and their respective discounts. It’s also important to note that discounts offered on bulk gift cards do change, depending on the time of the year and the season. Usually, during the holidays, bulk gift card discounts are larger because merchants are gearing up for the busy holiday shopping season and want to sell as many gift cards as possible. That should be the best time to look for the best discounts on gift cards.

Is Legit?

One of the questions we get every now and then at is whether we are a legit (legitimate/trustworthy) organization. We even get phone calls about it.

Here are a few things you should know about us:
1. We are currently in our 5th year of business
2. We provide the best customer service in the industry. Don’t take our word for it – call us (1-877-800-4413) 9 out of 10 times, you will be talking to a person. On those rare occasions when our phone is busy, leave us a message or email us and you will get a response within 1 business day. We love talking to our customers and getting your feedback, so feel free to contact us.
3. Unlike other sites, we stand behind our gift cards 100%. All the cards we re-sell are thoroughly verified to ensure the balance is there. However, should you have any problem with an order, simply call us and we will make it right. Check out our return policy.

We can go on and on about how great of a company we are. But we want you to be confident when buying or selling your gift cards to us. Check out what our customers are saying through these video testimonials or see our media coverage, which is archived by year by clicking here.

We know you will come back to us for all your gift card needs once you try our service – Give us an opportunity to earn your business and you will be happy you did.

NRF Survey: Gift Cards are the Most Wanted Holiday Gift

The National Retail Federation just released their 2011 Holiday Survey and once again gift cards have beat out all other options to remain the most wanted holiday gift. According to the survey, 80.2% of all holiday shoppers will purchase a gift card, up over 3% from 2010. It is estimated that consumers will spend on average $155.43 in gift cards with total spending reaching around $27.8 billion.

Consumers look to purchase gift cards not because of the convenience, but they like to allow the recipient to choose their own gift. It’s easier to allow someone to purchase something on their own, rather than picking something out that might not be desired.

Matthew Shay, NRF President and CEO said,

With discretionary gifts expected to be popular, many consumers will view gift cards as an ‘everyday value item,’ affording their loved ones the option of buying something they really want or need.

We recommend that consumers follow the Top 20 Most Popular Gift Cards list that we released when choosing what gift card to buy this holiday season. These types of gift cards were determined to be the most popular by the NRF survey.

Most Popular Gift Cards

Data collected from 2011 NRF Survey.

The trends found in this survey actually match the same data that was released by in the top 20 most popular gift cards list. In the top 20 list, Walmart, and Target were the most desired gift cards and these merchants are each considered department stores. The only variation found between the two surveys were the popularity of restaurant gift cards in the NRF survey, where as in the GCR survey only two restaurant gift cards made it into the top 20.

As a gift card exchange retailer, we see a massive spike in restaurant gift cards that are sold for cash or credit immediately after Christmas. It appears that while consumers have the mindset that restaurant gift cards are desired, in actuality people prefer the department store and specialty merchants more.

Bulk Suppliers Deserve a Dedicated Rep, Not a Call Center in India

At GiftCardRescue, we believe in a high level of customer service. That’s why we answer our phone, respond to emails, and provide a dedicated sales rep to all of our bulk suppliers.  You might think these things are typical standard practices but with some companies it’s not. We take pride in providing a valuable experience to everyone who works with us, whether you’re buying a gift card, or selling in bulk, it’s important to us that you have a good experience.

What do you look for when choosing a company to sell gift cards in bulk to?

There are several factors that we think are important, and determined how we structured our system.

  1. Communication- When dealing with large amounts of gift cards (ie. Money) the most important thing is to have constant communication between you and your purchaser.  After all, who wants to put 50k worth of gift cards in the mail, and not be able to hear from a human being if they have arrived? Or be able to check in with a rep to see what part of the process your cards are in?
  2. Or if there were any problems? At GiftCardRescue, you will always have a person to call that works directly in the processing center you send your cards to.
  3. Competitive Pricing- We know what our competitors pay, and we know we beat them in many, many cases. We also are willing to work with our suppliers who are consistently sending in cards, and have low fraud occurrences to give them a couple extra points here and there.
  4. Fast payments- At GiftCardRescue, we have the fastest payments in the industry for our bulk suppliers.  For example, if your cards arrive on a Monday, your money will hit your account on Thursday via ACH.
  5. Dedicated Sales Reps- Every bulk supplier at GiftCardRescue has a dedicated account representative to answer any questions or concerns you may have at any point throughout the process.

If you would like more information about selling gift cards in bulk, liquidating gift cards from a corporate purchase, or to receive more information about our program, visit or call 1-877-800-4413 and ask for the bulk sales department. 

Business Gift Cards – Buy in Bulk and Save

Do you reward your customers or employees with gift cards? Are you trying to boast sales and attract new customers? One proven way to draw new customers to try your product or service is by offering gift cards as an incentive. The good news is that you can save money on gift cards when you buy in bulk. The minimum order for bulk gift cards is $500 ($1,000 for some merchants).

You can also buy wholesale gift cards and use them as employee rewards. It is said that recognition improves performance – when you motivate your employees, they in turn create exceptional experiences for your customers, which leads to increased sales. Gift Cards are a great way to accomplish this. You can buy gift cards to restaurants, department stores, or to popular superstores.

To buy bulk gift cards, click here.

Bulk Gift Cards Discount

Are you a small business with a rewards program for your customers or employees? Are you looking for ways to save money on your rewards program? can help. We sell discounted gift cards to over 300 popular brands for up to 30% off.

Call our Bulk Gift Cards Department at 1-877-904-3822 (M-F 9AM to 5PM EST) or email us at and we will be happy to help. We can share with you what kind of inventory we have in stock and how often we get certain cards in bulk, so that you know when to buy in bulk. Learn more about our Bulk Gift Cards program us by visiting our website at

Penny Auction Gift Cards – Sell them to GiftCardRescue

A number of penny auction sites have sprung up offering people the opportunity to bid and win gift cards for pennies. If you are an active penny auction bidder and have won gift cards you don’t have a use for, we have a solution – Sell them to for cash. is a leading site for selling unwanted gift cards for cash. We will buy your gift cards and we pay up to 90% cash back. We also allow Gift Card Exchange for an credit. Here are 4 reasons why is the best place online to get cash for your gift card:

Fast Payment
Unlike other sites that take weeks to mail you your check, here at, all transactions are processed and checks are mailed within 48 hours of receipt. Watch this short video to see how our “Sell Gift Cards” process works.

Multiple Payment Options
If you qualify as a bulk gift cards seller, we offer other faster forms of payment, including wire transfer, cashier’s check to make sure you get your money in no time. Check out our Bulk Gift Cards page for details.

We are Accessible
Have you tried to call or email the other gift card exchange sites and never heard back? Try us and experience the difference. You can email us at or call us at 1-877-904-3822 (M-F 9AM to 5PM EST) and we will be happy to help.

Industry Reputation
Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about GiftCardRescue via our Testimonials page. Also see why the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes, and the NY Times have all recommended

We are confident that once you try GiftCardRescue, you will come back to us for all your gift card needs.

Bulk Gift Cards – We Buy Bulk Walmart Gift Cards

Do you have bulk Walmart gift cards you would like to sell? You’ve come to the right place. is the leader in the purchase of Bulk Gift Cards. Our Bulk Gift Cards department has extensive experience in buying all kinds of gift cards. And as a bulk supplier, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Same Day Payment
  2. Multiple Payment Options
  3. Attractive rates for your gift cards
  4. A direct line to one of our Bulk Gift Card Representatives

We guarantee you will be satisfied with our level of service, so give us a call at 1-877-904-3822 or email us at and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Buy Bulk Gift Cards – Get Bulk Gift Card Discount

Buy Gift Cards in bulk and get amazing discounts. At, we offer special discounts for bulk purchases. This is on top of our already discounted gift cards. So, whether you are planning a home improvement project, about to purchase a big ticket item, or planning a big event at your office or business, you can stretch your dollars further by buying gift cards in bulk from Combine our bulk discounts with any store promotions and watch your savings grow. Contact our Bulk Department at and ask about our special discounts for bulk purchases.

Check out our website, and see why The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes, and other leading publications have all recommended

Frequent Flyer? Redeem Airline Miles for Cash

Today, travelers not only accumulate frequent flyer miles from flying on a variety of airlines, but there are also credit cards that allow you to add to your airline miles. While the benefit of extra miles is obvious to the frequent flyer who can take advantage of the free flights, what about the casual traveler? Not everyone wants to redeem their miles for more flights and it would be simpler to just be able to get cash. Gift Card Rescue provides a solution to those who have accumulated frequent flyer miles and would rather have cash then anything else.

How it Works

For some frequent flyer programs like Delta Skymiles, you can use miles to purchase gift cards to some retailers like Macy’s, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Red Lobster.

We recommend redeeming your miles for gift cards to retailers that we pay the highest value for, like grocery stores, Walmart, Macy’s, Target, and Best Buy (that way, you can get the most cash for your miles). It should be noted that Gift Card Rescue does not buy all gift cards, but only the ones listed on our merchant list.

After you receive your gift card

Sign up for an account here and select to sell us a card. You will receive a quote based on the value of the cards. You then ship the cards to us. Once we receive the cards, we will mail you a check within 48 hours. Concerned about the process or have additional questions? Send us an e-mail at or click here for more on how it works.

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