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EPPICard Scam & Fraud

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The EPPICard, also known as the Child Support Card is a prepaid debt card that is used by a number of states to make unemployment,  child support and other welfare payments to recipients. The cards are issued under the Visa

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How To Prevent Gift Card Fraud

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Be Informed Gift cards are becoming more popular every year leading to a plethora of merchant options for consumers. These days, you can buy gift cards just about anywhere from the actual retailer to convenience stores, internet auctions and more. With more

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Fake Costco Gift Card Scam on Facebook

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A free $100 Costco gift card might sound like a great bonus before the holidays, but this free gift card giveaway on Facebook is a fake scam. This gift card scam will take you to where a ticker will

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Red Star Gift Card Scam


Recently,  launched a conflictual marketing stunt, where the company sends “Free $500 Gift Cards” to consumers via snail mail. The catch is a 9% of sale shipping and handling fee which tags along. Consumers are responding with mixed feedback

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Facebook Gift Card Scams


There have been multiple Facebook gift card scams recently where users are directed to a website for a free gift card to Starbucks, Outback or Walmart. These are not legitimate contests and may cause serious damage to your computer or

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Pay Cash for Online Gift Cards using eBillme

Ebillme is a payment service that uses your traditional bank’s online bill pay service to checkout at a variety of different merchants. They sell electronic gift cards, but their company is more of an alternative payment service that uses your

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eBay Hates Gift Cards

eBay is one of the most popular sites to buy and sell pretty much anything. However, if you’re attempting to sell a gift card, better look somewhere else. eBay has some pretty strict rules regulating the selling of gift cards,

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Ways to Avoid Gift Card Scams

There have been a variety of scams people have fallen victim to when trying to redeem their gift cards. Here are a few tips and situations to help you avoid being ripped off of your money. 1. After purchasing the

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Warning! Beware of Fake Gift Card Balance Sites

An article was just released on Thursday from the Consumerist about fake gift card balance sites that are looking to steal the value of your gift card. The sites were professionally designed and executed, but immediately taken down after the

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Stolen iTunes gift card codes sold online?

Cheap iTunes gift cards sold online may be stolen or illegally obtained.

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