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Can I Use Gift Cards For Credit Card Debt?

Most reports online claim that consumers are not able to potentially redeem gift cards for personal credit debt.  This claim however, proves to be false because there is in fact a way to cover a portion of debt with a gift card. There are a few requirements and at the end of the day, your’e financial institution needs to accept this form of transaction for it to work. This is how you can make it happen:

  1. Major Issuer-Gift Card must be issued by major banking authority like Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. This means the card will most likely bare the issuer emblem on the bottom right corner if it is eligible.
  2. Split-Tender Transaction– Ask your bank for a split-tender transaction. This means you will pay on the debt by means of gift card along with another payment. Make sure you have excess personal funds to distribute along with the funds from the card. Do not expect to attempt to pay the full amount of the bill with your gift card. This option is not available.

About Split Tender Transactions

Split tender transactions occur when two methods of payment are used. It is likely that this is most prevalent when consumers go to spend the last few dollars on their gift cards in retail outlets. Some smaller retailers do not allow these transactions simply because their point of sales (POS) machines are not made for it. The split tender transactions discussed in this post are strictly to be made over the phone with a dedicated financial representative.

Should your gift card not be honored for one of these split tenders, I suggest trying to sell gift cards with GiftCardRescue. offers a program where consumers can earn up to $.92 back on every dollar. This is a great way to get cash back with which you can then use to pay bills.

Bulk Suppliers Deserve a Dedicated Rep, Not a Call Center in India

At GiftCardRescue, we believe in a high level of customer service. That’s why we answer our phone, respond to emails, and provide a dedicated sales rep to all of our bulk suppliers.  You might think these things are typical standard practices but with some companies it’s not. We take pride in providing a valuable experience to everyone who works with us, whether you’re buying a gift card, or selling in bulk, it’s important to us that you have a good experience.

What do you look for when choosing a company to sell gift cards in bulk to?

There are several factors that we think are important, and determined how we structured our system.

  1. Communication- When dealing with large amounts of gift cards (ie. Money) the most important thing is to have constant communication between you and your purchaser.  After all, who wants to put 50k worth of gift cards in the mail, and not be able to hear from a human being if they have arrived? Or be able to check in with a rep to see what part of the process your cards are in?
  2. Or if there were any problems? At GiftCardRescue, you will always have a person to call that works directly in the processing center you send your cards to.
  3. Competitive Pricing- We know what our competitors pay, and we know we beat them in many, many cases. We also are willing to work with our suppliers who are consistently sending in cards, and have low fraud occurrences to give them a couple extra points here and there.
  4. Fast payments- At GiftCardRescue, we have the fastest payments in the industry for our bulk suppliers.  For example, if your cards arrive on a Monday, your money will hit your account on Thursday via ACH.
  5. Dedicated Sales Reps- Every bulk supplier at GiftCardRescue has a dedicated account representative to answer any questions or concerns you may have at any point throughout the process.

If you would like more information about selling gift cards in bulk, liquidating gift cards from a corporate purchase, or to receive more information about our program, visit or call 1-877-800-4413 and ask for the bulk sales department. 

Join Our Gift Card Affiliate Program

Do you currently own a website, blog, or social networking profiles? Everyone is looking for money to make online, and one of the best ways to do this is through affiliate programs. The gift card affiliate program will pay you for selling our gift cards. It’s simple, free to get started, and can be a great way to earn additional money online.

Make Money with our Gift Card Affiliate Program

Getting Started

First you need to sign up for a account here.

Next sign up for our gift card affiliate program.

Third begin posting & sharing your link everywhere that you interact online.

Last login to your account to track your referrals and your commissions. Once you’ve earned $50 you can request a check sent to your address.

The Details:

GiftCardRescue pays $6 for each gift card sale that you refer to us. So if you post the link on your Facebook page and 10 people buy gift cards, you would have earned $60. They don’t have to purchase right away either. Every time someone clicks your unique affiliate link, they have 30 days to buy a gift card. If they buy a gift card at any time during that 30 day period you will earn a sweet $6 commission. They’re also bonuses involved if you’re bringing in a lot of new customers! If you send 50 customers to us each month we’ll give you an additional $25 or $50 if you bring in 100!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our affiliate program now and start tell your friends about the great discounts on gift cards that you enjoy.

Gift Card Exchange on Craigslist

Craiglist is one of the most valuable resources on the internet. The free classifieds webpage allows users to find and sell almost anything from cars and boats to vacation properties. It is also very common today for people to exchange gift cards through craigslist. Because of the economy people are willing to trade their gift cards for items of much lesser value. Here is an example of someone trying to sell a Barney’s Gift Card that is valued at $1,000 for $850. This seems like a very good deal for 15% off at Barney’s but there are a few things that you should watch out for when doing gift card exchange on craigslist.

Craigslist Gift Card Exchange Tips

1.) Gift Cards purchased illegally. Sometimes people will use a stolen credit card to buy a lot of gift cards. They will then try to sell the gift cards for cash quickly. Always ask questions before you buy or exchange anything for any gift cards found on craigslist. The gift card may have the balance originally, but when the user reports the credit card as stolen the balance is removed.

2.) Merchandise credit. Depending on the merchant, the rules for using merchandise credit can vary dramatically and sometimes it can only be used by the person who originally returned the items. You do not want to purchase a gift card thinking that you can use it and have it be limited to only the person who sold it to you.

3.) Gift card copies. A more sophisticated method of gift card fraud involves actually making a copy of the card including the magnetic strip. Everything for the gift card will work fine, but whoever uses their copy of it first will be the only one who is actually able to use it. A couple of signs that a gift card has been copied or duplicated is if the plastic is thinner, wording is off, or colors may be different. Be wary for gift card copies.

eBay Hates Gift Cards

eBay is one of the most popular sites to buy and sell pretty much anything. However, if you’re attempting to sell a gift card, better look somewhere else. eBay has some pretty strict rules regulating the selling of gift cards, here’s a quick overview:

Why does eBay have this policy?

In the secondary gift card market, there is a large potential for fraud.  People often try to take advantage of this by using sites like eBay.  At GiftCardRescue we have put in place several measures’s to deter fraud to ensure the best consumer experience possible. If you’re looking to buy or sell bulk gift cards, its best to stick with the pros.

Here is eBay’s explanation:

“We understand that you may have gift cards that you can’t use or would like to sell. The restrictions on the value and the frequency of gift card listings are in place to promote a safer and more satisfying experience on eBay.”


While you can sell gift cards on eBay, the number of cards, amount, and frequency is highly regulated and restricted.

GiftCardRescue Has Added New Merchants! is the premiere website for buying discounted gift cards and selling your unwanted gift cards for cash. Now, we’ve added even more merchants to our list! Our new merchants include:

  • Harbor Freight and Tool
  • Tiffany’s
  • Subway
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Auto Zone

With the popularity of gift cards continuing to grow, so does our merchant list. We now offer the ability to sell gift cards from over 400 merchants! Popular gift cards fly off the site, so if you’re interested in buying discounted gift cards be sure to add them to your wish list. Every time a gift card from your wish list is added to the website you will be notified via email for fist pickings.

Why sell gift cards?

Americans leave over 6 billion dollars a year in unused gift cards sitting in their sock drawers. Don’t be a statistic! Put those unwanted gift cards to good use by redeeming them for cash. In this rough economy it’s important to capitalize on every opportunity for extra income. Selling gift cards that are sitting around collecting dust is great way to get some bills paid.

Save Money on Everyday Purchases with Discounted Gift Cards

Discounted gift cards + coupons = BIG SAVINGS

A great way to stretch every penny is to use discounted gift cards and store coupons. Purchasing discounted gift cards before you shop is basically like purchasing discounted money. You’re getting $50, for the price of 40! Add that to any sales or coupons from the merchant and your practically paying yourself to shop.

Do you love leaving a 17% tip when you go out to eat? Purchase a discounted McCormick and Schmitt gift card at 17% off and your tip becomes free!

There are plenty of ways to beat the heat of the current economic environment; Gift Card Rescue makes it safe, easy, and convenient. Check out how these people saved thousands of dollars on every day purchases using discounted gift cards from

Sell gift cards on eBay?

Do you have gift card you don’t want? Are you considering selling them on eBay? Here are three reasons why you should sell your unwanted gift cards to instead of eBay.

  • Price Guarantee

When you sell your gift cards on eBay, you have no guarantee on how much you are going to get. Until the auction ends, you have no idea how much the final bid will be. When you sell gift cards to, we will give you a quote that offer tells you exactly how much we will pay for your gift card. Unlike Cardwoo or Ebay, the quote is guaranteed and we pay up to 90% cash back depending on the merchant. Don’t take a risk when selling your gift card for cash, choose Gift Card Rescue.

  • Purchase Guarantee

At, every time that you sell a gift card it is 100% guaranteed. If the gift card is on our merchant list and meets our terms and conditions (over $20 and does not expire within two years), we will buy it for cash or credit. When you sell your gift card on eBay, there is no guarantee it will sell or that you will get the money.

  • No Selling Limit

Ebay’s terms and conditions currently limit you to the ability to only list one gift card at a time. If you have multiple gift cards you may have to wait weeks to sell them. No only do we want to buy your gift cards, but we want all of them! If you have bulk gift cards, please contact one of our agents at 1-877-800-4413 and we will work out a deal for you.

  • Potential for Fraud is Eliminated

Selling your gift card on eBay means you will be dealing with a stranger you don’t know. There are plenty of opportunities for fraud and the most common example is this:

The buyer who is receiving the gift card declines that they have ever received the card. They report this transaction to Paypal and almost immediately get their money refunded. This leaves you without a gift card and at a total loss.

By selling your gift card to GiftCardRescue, you eliminate the opportunity for fraud. We are in our third year of business and you can trust a reputable company like ours that has been mentioned in major media outlets such as; the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNBC, Forbes, and NPR.

We are confident that once you do business with us, you will come back to us for all your gift card needs, including our extensive volume of discounted gift cards of up to 30% off.

BidCactus – Strategy to Win Gift Cards is one of the most popular penny auction sites on the web. At Bid Cactus, you can win brand new products for up to 95% off the retail price. So if you win a $100 gift card for $5 and then sell it to Gift Card Rescue for $90; you’ve made 18 times your investment! Now that’s a great return that everyone would like to see.

BidCactus is one of the best penny auction websites to use for making money and selling gift cards, because they usually have more for auction then their competition at Swoopo and Beezid. Want to know the right strategy to winning penny auctions at BidCactus? Read more after the jump.

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Swoopo Review and Strategy

Swoopo is the first penny auction bidding site, where users bid just a penny at a time to win extravagant items such as HD televisions, laptop computers, and gift cards. You can win a $500 gift card for less than a hundred bucks! Swoopo is the original penny auction website and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. You can make money on Swoopo by selling the gift cards for cash.

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Penny Auction Gift Cards – Sell them to GiftCardRescue

A number of penny auction sites have sprung up offering people the opportunity to bid and win gift cards for pennies. If you are an active penny auction bidder and have won gift cards you don’t have a use for, we have a solution – Sell them to for cash. is a leading site for selling unwanted gift cards for cash. We will buy your gift cards and we pay up to 90% cash back. We also allow Gift Card Exchange for an credit. Here are 4 reasons why is the best place online to get cash for your gift card:

Fast Payment
Unlike other sites that take weeks to mail you your check, here at, all transactions are processed and checks are mailed within 48 hours of receipt. Watch this short video to see how our “Sell Gift Cards” process works.

Multiple Payment Options
If you qualify as a bulk gift cards seller, we offer other faster forms of payment, including wire transfer, cashier’s check to make sure you get your money in no time. Check out our Bulk Gift Cards page for details.

We are Accessible
Have you tried to call or email the other gift card exchange sites and never heard back? Try us and experience the difference. You can email us at or call us at 1-877-904-3822 (M-F 9AM to 5PM EST) and we will be happy to help.

Industry Reputation
Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about GiftCardRescue via our Testimonials page. Also see why the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes, and the NY Times have all recommended

We are confident that once you try GiftCardRescue, you will come back to us for all your gift card needs.

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