certifichecksCertifiChecks Inc, is going out of business and will not honor gift certificates. The Ohio-based online gift certificate company has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation. The company blamed its predicament on the challenging economic environment. The company sold a lot of gift certificates to various local Chambers of Commerce around the country.

Holders of gift cards issued by CertifiChecks now have two options: Option one is to mail your gift certificate to the company for possible reimbursement at:

CertifiChecks, Inc.
Attn: Redemption Dept.
PO Box 13603
Dayton, Ohio 45413

Option two is to keep your gift certificate and later file a claim with the bankruptcy court against the company’s assets. Gift Certificates that are mailed to the company will also go through the bankruptcy claim process. My recommendation is that if you decide to mail them your gift certificate, make a copy of it and send it via certified mail with return receipt. That way, you know it got there and who signed for it.

Is it worth submitting a claim to the bankruptcy court? It may be your only option. Besides, gift card holders of the Bombay Company received 25 cents on the dollar when the company went bankruptcy so it is worth the try. One possible way to get more money back immediately is to see whether other companies are accepting CertifiChecks gift certificates. Just do a search on Google news about “CertifiChecks gift certificates” and you will get all the latest information about CertifiChecks. Also, contact whoever issued your CertifiChecks gift certificates to see if they will issue a reimbursement.

If you have been impacted by this and have been able to get all or some of your money back, please tell us about your experience in the comments section so that other readers will benefit.