Craigslist is one of the most popular websites on the net today. A person can find practically anything on craigslist from jobs, to housing, to personals, and anything thing you can think of is for sale, including gift cards.

Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities featuring online classified advertisements. Anybody can post any type of classified add on craigslist. There is very little if any verification done on the part of craigslist to determine if they add is legitimate or not. This makes Craigslist a playground for online scammers. One of the popular ways people take advantage of others using craigslist is by selling fraudulent gift cards.

A fraudulent gift card is one that was purchased with a stolen credit card. One the outside everything appears to be fine. The balance can remain on the gift card for several weeks. However, as soon as the credit card owner realizes their card has been compromised they call their credit card company, and the credit card company issues a chargeback (refund on the purchase). The gift card will then be immediately deactivated.

This means that even if you meet the seller at the merchants store to verify the balance, it could be zeroed out within hours. And you just paid the guy in cash. Ouch.

When purchasing discounted gift cards from classifies sites, the utmost precautions must be taken. If possible, get a receipt from the seller.  To buy discounted gift cards with peace of mind, use companies that are dedicated to customer satisfaction and guarantee every transaction.