My girlfriend absolutely loves all different kinds of jewelry from necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, and whatever else she can find. But, I don’t think I’m the only guy who isn’t exactly certain about what to buy when it comes to jewelry. I would much rather let my girlfriend happily decide what she wants on her own knowing that its from me.┬áSo a discounted gift card to a retailer like Tiffany & Company makes perfect sense for a present.

Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

So if you find yourself in a similar situation why don’t you try this gift card giving idea out. First buy a picture frame and place a memorable photo inside. Then, take your gift card and put it inside of the frame right in front of the picture. Last, put the picture frame in a box and wrap it up with some of your favorite wrapping paper.

When your significant other shakes the box she will be anxious to discover what its contents are. She’ll tear through the paper only to find a picture frame. But, her curiosity will be sparked by the small gift card that lays in front of your memorable photo. That curiosity will quickly transform into bliss when she finds the gift card to Tiffany & Company.

And that is how you creatively give a gift card to a jewelry lover. Subscribe to our blog for more unique ways to give a gift card that will be released in the upcoming weeks!