We probably get a hundred emails a day at GiftCardRescue.com asking about bulk gift cards and additional discount deals. We’re not always able to give the customer the best deal at that moment mostly because our inventory is always changing so frequently. I decided to take the time to write this blog post about how to get the best discounts on gift cards.

Every week we release the GiftCardRescue Newsletter that you can sign up for free here. The newsletter is typically sent on Wednesday or Thursday around 3PM Eastern and it will always feature the best discount gift card deals that you will find online. We also release specials every once and while one our Facebook and Twitter Pages, but most of the deals come from the newsletter.

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Here are some examples of past newsletter deals:

  • Home Depot and Lowe’s Gift Cards at 9% off
  • Boston Market at 25% off
  • Walmart Gift Cards for 5% off
  • McDonald’s Gift Cards for 15% off

The deals will change each week, so it’s important that you check your inbox on Wednesday and Thursday to see what we’re able to offer that week. Usually we hold the entire stock of gift cards waiting to be released until the newsletter is prepared and then send the newsletter and release the gift cards on our website simultaneously. That way subscribers are the first ones who get a chance to purchase the gift cards. Make sure you purchase quickly because it’s a first come first served policy for all gift cards sold!