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Ebillme is a payment service that uses your traditional bank’s online bill pay service to checkout at a variety of different merchants. They sell electronic gift cards, but their company is more of an alternative payment service that uses your bank account rather then credit or debit card. This allows you to pay for items that you want using cash and avoid the high fees associated with credit cards. With the recession, it is very common for people to avoid credit cards by using services like Ebillme or prepaid cards.

Using Ebillme

Because you only pay using cash Ebillme is definitely safer than using a traditional credit card. This is because your personal information like social security number or address cannot be compromised and this decreases the chance of fraud or identity theft. Chris Brogan does a good job in his blog post explaining how the process works and can use some improvements

EbillMe Gift Cards

Ebillme allows you to email electronic gift cards or online gift cards to anyone with an email address. Their service differs from many other egiftcard vendors like iCardSystems because eBillme is a payment service. They are not just a gift card vendor and you cannot purchase one of their gift cards using traditional methods (credit card or paypal). You can use their gift cards as a prepaid card to shop and pay at a huge number of merchants that can be found here.

There have been a number of problems using their system as found on the complaints board website. A few users are quoted as saying that they experienced heavy delays using the service and those funds were not transferred in an appropriate amount of time. One user even mentions how the pending rebates are not as advertised and that you can only use them in $10 increments at a time.

I’ve earned $25 in rebates but can only use $20. The remaining $5 will go unclaimed because (I’m not kidding) I’m never using this service again.

For some reason this does not seem fair and from what I can tell these terms are not clearly covered. It is difficult to navigate through the site and find all of the information you are looking for. I think that eBillme is a great concept and secure for online users, but from what I’ve read their service still has a few flaws. It will be interesting to see if they are able to sell online gift cards to users who are not looking for a payment alternative, but just a gift card.


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  1. Edward

    The problems with eBillme is that even though they claim to be part of Western Union, you can not make a eBillme payment on Furthermore; the payment transfers are SLOW and the eBillme website provides no online tracking system for payments and payment status, you cannot even manage or make changes to your profile on the eBillme website.. Additionally there is no online tracking of payment disputes, just a blind email address.

    If you desire to make your purchase quickly and to track your payments online I would avoid eBillme until they incorporate these features.

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