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eGift Cards- The New Gift card?

As technology progresses and the popularity of gift cards continues to grow, more and more versions of the traditional plastic gift card will be introduced. A popular trend in the gift card world today, is the use of electronic gift cards, also called eGift cards.

There are several differences between a traditional gift card and the electronic version, let’s take a quick look.

How is an eCode Gift Card Delivered?

eGift cards are delivered by email. When a person purchases an eGift card, they have the option to have the eGift card delivered to the recipients email, or their own. Most merchants have the function for the eGift cards to be delivered on a specific date (such as the recipient’s birthday). If they don’t offer this feature, have the eGift card delivered to your personal account, and forward it to the recipient when you please.

Where Can You Use Your eGift Card?

Typically, eGift cards can be used anywhere a regular gift card is accepted. This includes online and in store. However, you should check the details from the merchant before you buy to make sure it will fit your needs.  To use in store, the eGift cards will need to be printed out. They are typically delivered in PDF form for easy printing and no special printer is needed.

Do eGift Cards Have Any Special Fees?

eGift cards fall under the protection of the Card Act which went into effect August of 2010. This means that merchants cannot charge any monthly fees on eGift cards or traditional plastic gift cards (at least for the first 12 months).


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