Swap your electronics and get gift cards in return. This article from WGRZ News in Buffalo, NY, an NBC affiliate lists various websites that allow you to trade your electronics for cash or gift cards. I have selected the portions of the article that talk about swapping electronics for gift cards. Here they are:

MyBoneYard.com: Allows you to trade music players, desktop computer systems, laptops, and cell phones for a Visa gift card.

RadioShack.com: Allows you to trade-in select music players, cell phones, cameras, camcorders, GPS units, car audio systems, laptops, and game systems for a Radio Shack gift card.

Gazelle.com: Allows you to trade-in cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, PDAs, gaming counsoles, external drives, satellite radios, and camcorders for an Amazon.com gift card.

NextWorth.com: Accepts iPods and iPhones only and has partnered with Circuit City, J&R and Amazon.com where you can get an e-gift certificate for your trade.