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Exactly How Mad is Your Wife/Girlfriend?

mad-wife-reduced.jpgIf you are reading this, you are either in trouble with your wife/girlfriend, plan to get in trouble, or are prone to getting in trouble and want to see what this article is about. Well, it’s about great gift card ideas that will help you smooth things over with that special lady.

On my way to work yesterday, I saw a billboard for a local florist with a big caption: “Exactly how mad is she?” Below the caption were three flower vases of different sizes filled with red roses. The vases were arranged from left to right from the smallest to the biggest. I guess the message is: the madder your wife/girlfriend is, the bigger your flower size should be. I thought the message was creative and effective. Then it got me thinking, we men always gravitate to buying flowers when we are in trouble. How about switching things up a bit with gift cards?

Before I go further, a word of caution about gift cards: For this to work, you have to buy gift cards for items that your significant other will not trust you to buy. I am thinking shoes, beauty products, or clothing. You can also buy gift cards for activities that she would not mind doing alone, for example, a spa gift card. A gift card to a restaurant is a BAD idea since this is supposed to be about her, and giving her a restaurant card means she has to bring you along. Your overall goal with gift cards is to show that some thought went into picking the gift card. These gift cards are not a substitute for trying to fix what is wrong. They are to help quicken your path to forgiveness.

So, in the same spirit as the billboard described above, here are gift card ideas according to how mad she is:

Slightly Mad

If she is slightly mad, as in ‘if you know what is good for you, stop your lame explanations and she might consider forgiving you’ – then go with beauty products. Your options include MAC Cosmetics or Sephora, which also has a line of organic cosmetics.

Mad, but not boiling over

If she is mad, as in ‘if you know what is good for you, stay on your side of the bed or leave me alone for a while’, a gift card to her favorite clothing or shoe store may help. If you need help, try gift cards to Nordstrom, DSW, Ann Taylor and Old Navy (which can also be used at The Gap or Banana Republic). A gift card to Bath & Body Works is also an idea.

Very Mad

If she is very mad, as in ‘if you know what is good for you, sleep in the dog house or don’t even try calling me’, then you need all the ammo you can find. In addition to the big vase full of her favorite flowers, get her a gift card to a local spa. You have to do your homework here because you don’t want to send her to the spa with the worst reputation in town, which will exacerbate your situation. If you are unsure, get her a SpaFinder gift card, which is accepted at over 4000 participating spas worldwide. That way, she can choose which spa to go to.

Do you have other gift card ideas? Share them with us.


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