Did you know that at your local Coinstar you can trade in your unwanted change and convert them into gift cards? It’s a simple and easy process which will now be available at over 1,400 Safeway locations in the United States and Canada. If there are no Safeway’s nearby you can always use the Coinstar locator and find a kiosk near you.

There are a ton of different gift card partners for Coinstar including Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Lowe’s, and Old Navy. One of the benefits of gift card exchange at Coinstar is that there is no fee for using that service. If you decide to choose the cash option instead of gift card exchange you will lose a percentage due to fees, so it makes more sense to trade in for a gift card.

How to Exchange Coins for Gift Cards at Coinstar

1.) Collect all of the coins you have. You don’t have to worry about organizing them because you can just dump them all into the machine. Some great places to look for extra coins are in your car, under the cushions on the couch, or in your desk.

2.) Visit your local Coinstar Kisok. They are easy to locate and even simpler to use.

3.) Follow the instructions as provided on screen and select what gift card you’d like. Remember that cashing in your coins for a gift card is free but choosing the cash option will result in a fee.

Coinstar Commercial advertising Gift Card Exchange