A free $100 Costco gift card might sound like a great bonus before the holidays, but this free gift card giveaway on Facebook is a fake scam. This gift card scam will take you to awesome-prizes.com where a ticker will count down telling you how many gift cards are remaining.

To redeem your fake prize, the company will ask you for additional personal information that may be used to steal your identity or compromise your profile. It is unknown at this time whether the site will infect a virus on your computer, but this is something that you definitely don’t want to rule out from happening.

Watch out for the Costco Gift Card Scam

The scam has been spreading quickly because once you click the link, you’re asked to like the page. This is very common for most facebook contests that require you to like their page in order to be entered. After clicking the like link, you’re then asked to share the contest with your facebook friends. This adds authority to the message and can be one of the major reasons why it has spread so quickly.