A big thanks to everyone who has tweeted @giftcardrescue and really expanded our fan base online. We’ve received a numerous amount of entries and went from being a small presence with only 230 followers to a online community with over 2,000 followers. We’ve made a lot of great connections with bloggers, twitterers, and others have even taken the step to connect with us on facebook. This will be the last twitter winner of a $50 Visa Gift Card, but you can still win a card just for signing up for our online newsletter here. Look forward and stay tuned as we’ll continue to have a lot more fun promotions in 2010 with even bigger prizes.

Okay so the moment you’ve all been waiting forOur final $50 Visa Gift Card winner is @BjGardella ! Please send us a direct message on twitter for how to claim your prize. Once again thank you all and look forward to more contests in 2010.

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Congrats to @BjGardella winner of a $50 Visa Gift Card from @Giftcardrescue http://bit.ly/jPIZe