Gift Cards have been the most in-demand gift items for the past two years and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. Everyone loves to receive gift cards! be it for birthdays, anniversary, Christmas etc, it makes the perfect present since most people have no idea what exactly other people would like, what size or color and so many other factors. The recipient gets to decide what he/she wants and at their leisure can buy whatever they want, whenever, even being able to take advantage of department store sales and discounts. Even more interesting is being able to buy these gift cards and discounted prices! much lower than their face value.

Discount gift cards are sold (albeit very rarely) at department stores, but your best chance of buying gift cards at prices lower than their face value is on sites like GiftCardRescue. They are also great gifts for children in order for parents to watch where they are spending their money, or to prevent them from indulging in negative activities.

Some gift cards happen to be prepaid cards where the buyer gets charged a small activation fee. Keep an eye out to make sure you know exactly all the fees and restrictions attached to the card. Also pay attention to all the CARD Act provisions.

An advantage of using discount gift cards is that you never have to worry about being overdrawn. Sticking to gift cards that give you the ability to check your balance whenever you want to is also very important. With gift cards, you have a specific amount of money and once you use it up, that’s the ened of it.

The most popular gift cards, other than the big department stores – Wal-Mart and Target – are VISA, MasterCard and American Express. These cards are accepted in most stores unlike the more specific cards to individual stores, so gift card buyers are encouraged to purchase these type of cards.