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Free $200 Circuit City Gift Card from Verizon FIOS

Check out this great deal from Verizon.

Verizon is offering a free $200 Circuit City gift card when you sign up for Verizon FIOS Internet, TV, and Phone service together (Triple Play Bundle) or you can choose a $100 Circuit City gift card when you sign up for new service in one of the product categories (FIOS Internet, TV, or Phone service). Services must be installed by 04/30/2008. Click here for details.

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  1. Isabelle

    I’ve been waiting for my $200 gift card after signing up for the Verizon FIOS triple freedom package in April. Over two months and still nothing in the mail or email. Good service, better than Time Warner but the free money and gifts are deceptive. I’ve been on the phone with them a couple of times for over an hour each time. Some reps have said I’ll get it soon and others said I can’t because I didn’t sign up for a 2 year contract. Free money is truly too good to be true.

  2. GiftCardBlogger™

    Isabelle, sorry to hear about your experience with Verizon. I am wondering if others are experiencing the same thing. I did not see anything about the offer that indicated it will take that long.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. TNRick

    Isabelle, me too. I was promised a $200 gift card back in April also. I got a $20 Target card a few weeks ago. I hope that was not a substitute. One of my officemates signed up back in February and got a 19″ LCD TV. Arrrgh!

  4. Mike

    I got suckered into the $200 Amex gift card promotion for sigining up for the FIOS triple play. Same problem as Isabelle. They are now telling me I won’t get the gift card because I didn’t sign up for the two year agreement. It would have been nice if they told me that up front! Now they won’t even let me change to the two year agreement in order to get the card. Bait and switch!

  5. GiftCardBlogger™

    Mike, i still cannot understand why a company like Verizon will put out something like that if they can’t back it up.

  6. FeelingScammed

    I have come across the same problem with the circuit city gift card. After not hearing anything for 4 weeks after installation I called and was told it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive. I then called back today, 3 months after installation, and was told I was not eligble to receive the gift card because I didn’t sign up for the 2 year agreement. I was also supposed to receive a $20 gift card to target that I never received. The FIOS service is indeed good, I just wish they would have held up their end of the agreement or clearly disclosed the details of the offer.

  7. I did sign up for the two year contract and still did not receive the $200 Amex gift card. I’ve called several times in the last 90 days and still have not received the gift card or a definite date as to when I would get it. I’m on hold with them now!

  8. Kaye

    Same here, I signed up for verizon’s double freedom and I was promised to get a $200 Amex gift card after 30 days of keeping the service. Welll, guess what? It’s been over 30 days now and still haven’t heard from them. I tried to call them and I got to talk to 3 of their worst customer service reps and all they do is transfer me to the Reward center (whose reps got the same answer for me…they never received an order from verizon to send me that free gift)Well, all I need to hear is “yes” or “no” if I’m gonna that reward or not…it’s that simple. This is really bad for my health (seriously) because everytime I call Verizon, I get so angry. I really regret on signing up with their service, I should have stick with Brighthouse, no hidden charges, no promises whatsoever. I am thinking of cancelling their service and go back to Brighthouse but I know they’ll overcharge me again for termination fee. Verizon scares me when it comes to paying up bills, my life became miserable since I signed up for their service. They really don’t care what their customers would feel, all they want is your money and making your life like hell.

  9. Alan

    I’ve been waiting since DEC 2007 for my $200 in AMEX certificates. Verizon customer service is non-existent. They suck and they know and there is nothing we can do. Welcome to Russia.

  10. Sean

    Another gift card sucker here. Don’t buy into this Verizon scam… they will never send out the promised gift card.

  11. Jason

    Been four months and still no $200 gift card. All the other times I called they said that it was just taking a long time because the cards were on back order? then today they told me that I didn’t switch from an existing service to their service so I don’t qualify. I did switch all three (internet, TV and phone) from charter. I did sign up for a two year contract, and now they are telling me that I don’t get a gift card? WTF!?!?! I then told them that I wanted to cancel the service and the rep seemed more than happy to let me cancel. At least charter cared enough to try and keep their customers!

  12. GiftCardBlogger™

    It does appear that this offer from Verizon is turning out to be a hoax. I am not sure why Verizon will put out an offer they don’t plan to honor. I am going to write a post highlighting this issue.

  13. I signed up in May the day before the $200 Amex gift card promotion was to end. I did sign the two year contract for the bundled service. I was told yesterday 7/31/08 that I was not in the system to receive the gift card and could leave a message for a manager. Today 8/1/08 I called again since the manager did not call me back. Lisa 800-688-2880 told me that I was not in the right bundled package that my speed needed to be 15/2. What difference does the speed make?!?!? I was told that the two year contract would get me a $200 GC. She said that I could ADD the 15/2 speed for an ADDITIONAL $10 a month to qualify (WTF?!). I agree with others…call the news stations this is false advertising!

  14. Sean

    I’ve been trying to get my gift card as well. I did sign up for a 2 year contract. After I called multiple times confirming eligibility, they now claim that this offer was for new Verizon customers only… not just new Fios installs. After requesting a copy of the official rules for the offer, I was told that they are “proprietary information” and that they will not provide them. I recommend everyone contact their state Attorney General’s office, as well as their town officials that manage the Verizon franchise for their area and file a complaint. While I think the service is good so far, that is no excuse for not fulfilling their promises.

  15. Damon

    This all happened to me, too. Hate to say it. But I’m glad I’m not the only sucker out there! I will definitely be getting ahold of the Texas Attorney General.

  16. Lawrence

    I am dealing with the same issue. Although I was lucky enough to have gotten written confirmation (via email) that I was supposed to receive the card within 10 weeks of installation (May 13th), I still have not received the AMEX gift card as of Aug 9th. I sent a follow up email to Verizon this morning. I am not holding out much hope to receive the card, but at least I have an email I can forward to the BBB.

  17. Laura

    Hi – I never received my gift card & I never will. I was just told by Verizon that I was one of the unlucky few who they essentially blew off and never bothered to send the materials and gift to. I called 6 weeks after install and they said they were backed up due to a high response rate. They said to be patient and something will arrive in the mail shortly with detailed directions on how to claim my gift. NOTHING! I called again today and they said I would never receive it – unbelievable!!!!!!!! Thankfully, I got an excellent customer service rep. who credited my account for $200, so at least my next bill will not have to be paid. I am so disappointed in Verizon – a major scam. If I had the time, I would take this further up the ladder but I am a harried working mom and will just accept the credit. Hope you all have better luck than I did!

  18. GiftCardBlogger™

    Laura, thanks for sharing your experience. It is good to know that they are at least willing to give you the $200 credit on your account. Even though that does not make up for their inability to honor their promise, i would encourage others to try and at least get the $200 credit while you continue to push the issue through state or local regulators.

  19. Daniel

    Here is NJ I have spent no less than 2 hours on the phone with customer service, promotions, etc trying to find out where my $200 gift card is. The CS staff says that everything is in order for me to receive it. Then, after 3 months CS says that the demand was so high the vendor couldn’t keep up, but the card will be received on July 31. Alas, nada. So I call again and they say that I never indicated I wanted a gift card (a complete contradiction to the last CS who reviewed my account). Then, I’m told that the promotion had ended and I was no longer eligible. Then I’m told that a supervisor will call, but no call after 5 days.

    What gives?

  20. David

    same problem here in mass. they say i qualify for $200 gift card but am not register at amex and they will take care of the problem and call me in a week an then it may take 8-10 additional weeks to get the card that i have been waiting for since may. i am not hopeful.

  21. Scott

    I recieved my card as it was promised

  22. Javier

    I signed up back in April for the Triple Play. I also signed a 2 year contract and was promised the $200 Circuit City gift card and have received nothing to date. I called them a month ago, and they told me to wait. I just called again today, and they told me they didn’t know what the problem was… <— is that really their best answer? Give me a break. Can’t wait for Comcast Docsis 3.0 to get here and I’ll find Verizon in default and get out of the contract and go to Comcast. Verizon, great service, and very crappy customer service. They just don’t care.

  23. Irena

    omg…I have been waiting since April 2008 as well and the same deal. I’ve called like 4 times – in early August they “escalated” it. Well, I called today and they said that unfortunately I wasn’t eligible b/c I wasn’t technically a “new” customer. I had Verizon phone service – not FIOS. I canNOT believe someone like Verizon totally scammed all these people. And I’ve been searching other complaints – they’ve been doing this credit you a certain amount each month. That’s what I got today. They are crediting $30 a month until it’s like $180. I bet they never even had an agreement with American Express. LOSERS!!!

  24. jean

    Got my Verizon installed April 24 2008 and still no $200.00 Amex card as promised. Am going to call them AGAIN now!

  25. Herb

    I had the same problem as everyone else has mentioned on this site. After reading Laura’s blog, I tried to get the $200 credit, and succeeded.

    After reaching a higher level person at Verizon, she told me that I didn’t qualify because not all of the services were new (only the TV was new). I read her the fine print from the promotion, and pointed out that that there was nothing in the fine print that backed her reason.

    I then told her if I didn’t get any compensation, then they could immediately terminate all of my services, and give me a full refind. And I could probably find enough people to initiate a class action suit.

    She immediately asked me if a montly credit of $35, applied 6 months in a row, would suffice. Case closed. The Verizon people are a bunch of idiots. GET YOUR MONEY. I think they are trained to tell you that you aren’t qualified, but if you threaten, they are probably authroized to compensate you.

  26. GiftCardBlogger™

    Herb, great insight. I am beginning to believe that Verizon may have intentionally put out a misleading ad knowing that people will be attracted to the $200 gift card and not ask questions since they trust that Verizon will do the right thing. I guess not.

  27. M & I

    never rec’d my $200 gift card from Verizon either. Called Verizon several X’s & heard all kinds of reasons why I still haven’t received the card.
    I work with someone who was suppose to receive a TV. Her husband was able to call & hassle them everyday, eventually they did receive the TV. If you have the patience & time call Verizon every day.

  28. ASHIM S

    I signed up on line on May 10- when the $ 200 Amex Gift Card offer was valid. My first follow up call was on Aug 19 and after about 90 minutes with the Rep and her Supervisor- they finally agreed that I was eligble and created a request in their system and I should receive the gift card within 3 weeks. I followed up on Sep 9. For the first 30 minutes- I had to prove my eligibility all over again. My new expected date of receipt is Sep 17. I will post the outcome on this blog. This is in NJ. THIS SHOULDBE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT

  29. Rich D

    I guess I got duped also – I called today about the gift card and the Verizon rep (in between trying to sell me additional services) told me that AMEX handled that and I should call them at 800 900 2347 – when I called, it was not AMEX (seemed like it could be a promo for a phnie sex line) IT SEEMS TO ME THAT THIS COULD BE A CLASS ACTION SUIT

  30. Rhonda

    I am so sick of Verizon’s answer to everything. I have called about 10 times since my connection to FIOS in May 2008. I have been told many times that they were manually entering it into the system and that it would take another 3-7 weeks. I was told today that another request was submitted on August 9, and it should take 8 weeks from that date. That is crap because I called American Express today and spoke to an employee named Kristine. She told me that Verizon customers call every day all day looking for these gift card and their names are never in the system. she asked if I was given a reference number. She said everyone is supposed to have a reference number if they are expecting a card.

    I moved to a non-service area for FIOS at the end of August. Because we had service long enough we would still qualify for this promotion. I am now on hold with Verizon. they tried to get me to call American Express again. I just got off the phone with them abut 10 minutes ago.

    I am all for a class action lawsuit against this company. They need to be fined and made to pay everyone back for this preomotion they offered. I am contacting the BBB after I type this. I am also going to look into contacting other agencies.

    Good luck to those of you who haven’t received your free gifts. Wish me luck.

  31. Rhonda

    I just wanted to say that I just got off the phone with the escalation specialist that told me that I did not qualify for this promotion. So, I asked her if she was telling me that all those supervisors and employees I spoke to were lying to me about me qualifying for the promotion. She said the promotion ended on April 30, 2008. I told her that the oreder had to be placed by April 30 (which it was) and installed before the end of May. She then offered me a $100 credit on my final bill and that I was not going to get this gift card I was promised for so long. I told her that I am going to go down to the navy Legal Office and let them know that I was told that all the employees I have spoken to must have “mislead” me into believing that I was getting this card. I am flaming mad now and I am waiting for the escalation manager to call me back. I told her that I was currently filing my complaint with the BBB (probably won’t do any good, but. .).

    That is all I have for now. What a rip-off Verizon is. They are preying on people in this time of need. They know that most of those people signed up for service because in today’s economy, every little cent helps.

  32. Rhonda

    Well, it is me again. It has been a few hours later and I already heard back from Verizon. They are crediting $200 towards my final bill. That works for us. We are satisfied. I told them they are looking at a class action lawsuit if they keep up this practice of lying to gain customers. The same escalation specialist called me back. She wasn’t happy at all but said she was told to credit my account the $200. All she wanted to credit it was $100. I felt she felt silly being the one to call me back.

    So, to all of you still waiting, just keep calling them. They will have to give you something. Bring up the words law suit, I think that is why they cracked. Good luck!

  33. GiftCardBlogger™

    Rhonda, thanks for taking time to post these helpful tips. I just wrote a short piece about this issue so check it out –

  34. Jacob

    I had the same experience as all the people above. When I signed up in March, the Verizon website offered a choice of either a digital camera (value: $250) or a $200 Circuit City giftcard with a 2 year Triple Play contract. The CSR told me I couldn’t choose my gift at that time because I would get a card in the mail after a few weeks to elect my promotion.

    By May, I still hadn’t received anything in the mail, so I called to ask about my promotion. I was told I had to sign some consent/agreement form on their website and then I would receive a confirmation email and the thing would come in the mail after 4-6 weeks.

    Well I did all that and still hadn’t heard anything (email or otherwise) so I called AGAIN. This time the CSR told me I was indeed eligible for a $100 gift card. I said surely this must be wrong, I was promised a $200 giftcard when I signed up. After a bit more waiting, the CSR agreed with me that it should be a $200 giftcard. Again, I would receive an email in 1-2 days and the giftcard would be in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

    After waiting and waiting nothing ever showed up (giftcard or email), and by now I was tired of calling them every month. I finally called them again today (September 25), and the CSR told me there were no promotions, I had missed my chance, everything ended 6/30, I would get nothing, yada yada. I escalated the matter to a supervisor.

    The supervisor understood my situation very well and–I believe–really tried to help. Unfortunately, he denied that there was ever a $200 Circuit City giftcard offer (“I’m looking at the past promotions right now and we only had a $100 giftcard”). Nothing I said could convince him otherwise. He said there were other promotions 1) choice of $200 Best Buy giftcard or digital camcorder 2) choice of $100 Circuit City giftcard or digital camera 3) $200 American Express giftcard 4) choice of $50 giftcard somewhere and digital camcorder. Sadly since the promotion was not a part of the original order/contract (it’s something that comes in the mail “later”), there is no documentation to support my argument. Finally he agreed to give me a $35 statement credit for the next 6 months (what others have gotten as well).

    Well, I got on the computer to do a search for any evidence of this mythical $200 Circuit City giftcard because I was SURE I hadn’t misremembered, and that’s how I found this site.

    I was quite disgusted, though not altogether surprised, that this has happened to so many people. It is quite clear Verizon botched this up in a colossal way and is giving people the shaft. I’m sure lots of people out there have been convinced by Verizon’s CSRs that they misremembered the promotion or missed their chance to redeem their giftcard. I’m glad you’re on top of this issue and standing for what’s right.

    I’ll also post this to your new entry if that’s okay.

  35. Jim Lipari

    In June, I signed up for a two-year land line and internet package and received in the mail a promotion card indicating that I had qualified for a $50 AMEX Gift Card with a toll-free number to call to make arrangements to collect it. When I called, no one knew anything about it. After several similar responses I, frustrated, I sent an email to Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg and complained about it, along with a problem with my Verizon Wireless service which Verizon had tried 4 times to correct and failed to do so. I got referred to an underling in the Exec Offices who, in a nut shell, failed to resolve the wireless issue (I later quit as I was on month to month) and then left the other issue, the free AMEX $50 Gift Card to another “Executive” staff member. She plead ignorance and requested that I should have to fax me the promotion card in order for her to prove the promotion existed. Imagine…Verizon Executive staff has to rely on its customers to PROVE a promotion exists rather than requesting the info from their Promotions Department, and cannot make that determination on their own. Now, after reading the slew of similar circumstances I now know that I was lied to and that Verizon knew all along that they had promotions but decided to ignore them…to the detriment of their customer service and their own business credibility. If you want to communicate with the CEO of Verizon, do so at: Verizon CEO,
    212-395-1060 is the number for the CEO’s office. 212-719-3349 is the fax number for the CEO’s office. 212-321-8700 is Verizon Executive Customer Service. is the CEO’s email address. For Verizon Internet/FiOS, Cassandra Flippin, Consumer Advocate in the Verizon Executive Offices, 212-321-8458. For Verizon Wireless: 908-306-6750, 910-794-6232 for Lisa Williams, Executive Customer Relations

  36. Sharon

    Same problem with the $200 American Express card. Signed up for Verizon bundle in April…It is October, check mail daily…called verizon numerous times…First bill I received I was not bundled..They had to recalculate bill..waited my 6 – 8 weeks for Amer Exp promotional $200 card…called Verizon..oh, sorry…since you were not bundled the promotion did not go through..they will Expedite it..The next time I called they actually gave me an Amer Express tracking number. Called weeks later and told Verizon I had a tracking number..They gave me the phone number to Amer Express…no record of me! I was soooo upset…that was in Sept. .Each time they say they expedited it/will expedite it..I threatened The RI Attorney Generals office and the complaint is ready to go. If I do not get the card or the call back from the supervisor this week, I will file the complaint. I am sure this is happening to many people. A few phone calls again I was given the number to Amer Express…they had NO RECORD OF ME by name, phone number, etc…they told me that Amer Express was getting a lot of similiar calls and they gave me a direct line to talk to someone at verizon (of course it was the main line). I am very upset and wish we did not switch from COX. I even did the REFER a FRIEND program (my parents have had verizon over a month now, and I still did not get the $100 for the refer a friend either).

    Frustrated in RI,

  37. Steve

    I was also one of the individuals who did not receive the $200 AMEX gift card from Verizon FIOS. I have been schooled in Law and read all the fine print of the offer (before Verizon deleted it off of their website). Please don’t be fooled, Verizon is trying to hide the evidence of the offers…most likely because of the economy…but hiding them nevertheless. Legally, you have two options since they said they not ordering any more cards: 1) You can cancel service citing breach of contract, 2) You can spend over 4 hours as I did with Verizon, working their system, and force them to credit your account the $200 or a lawsuit of false advertising, fraud, breach of contract, and several other legal terms will ensue.

  38. Mackall66

    Hello Everyone,
    Same problem here ($200 AMEX gift card). Signed up on May 10 online, installation on May 22nd. I’ve done everything that was required to recieve the card (Fios Triple play, 2yr agreement). What could be the problem. I havent gotten a straight answer yet. It seems we all need to get together and file a class action suit, like the other poster stated, but what attorney would be willing to fight such a giant. All I want is what was promised to me. And it seems that all the other posters would like the same thing. Nothing extra, just what was promised to us for signing up with this company. If anyone knows of a lawsuit, thats being started, please post here and let all the dissatisfied poster know how and when to sign up!

    Very Frustrated
    mackall66 (Cockeysville, MD)

  39. Mackall66

    Hello Everyone Again,

    I just located a lawfirm( that is investigating Verizon in response to consumers not recieving particular promotional offers. Please everyone that has not recieved thier gift cards,TV, phones or whatever promotional offer that was promised to you. Go to this website and tell your story. Let’s get this ball rolling and not let this giant of a company get away with not living up to their end of the bargain.


  40. baf820

    Grrr — we signed up back in the spring of ’08, I called once and was told to call again in a few weeks, today as I’m waiting on hold forever I started to search online and found this string of complaints.

    We DID qualify for the $200 card and met all the criteria, and I have the original promotion letter in front of me. However, I’m anticipating a brush off if I ever do get a human being on the line. I’m going to send a letter to Verizon with this link, the link to the law firm mentioned here on 10/22 and anything else I can find and ask for a $200 credit to the account. They shouldn’t be getting away with this kind of thing.

  41. THE GIFT CARD IS IN THE MAIL . . . HA!!! I was told on the phone by a Verizon representative that the $200 American Express Card was in the mail and I should receive it by Friday. Blatant lie and SCAM!

    I was told today that I would be credited $35 for the next 6 billing cycles. They say “it might take 1 or 2 billing cycles to be reflected in my bill.” I made sure to get a confirmation number so this was not turned into a scam as well.

    Here is the new scam to look out for at the end of the year. HD Extreme package as they start taking channels away from you and charging you an extra $10 per month.

  42. j

    I had the same problem! I was never given the $200 gift card from Best Buy.

    HERE IS WHAT YOU DO!!!! Call and ask to speak to a supervisor. Explain to him your frustrations. If they tell you that they will send the gift, decline it (bc you will never get it) and ask them to credit your account $200. They will say they can’t. Tell him/her that you would like to disconnect and go with Comcast. They will then transfer you to the disconnect dept. During the transfer, the supervisor will explain the situation to the disconnect dept. person and they will offer $30 off your bill for the next 6 months. This is not quite the same as the $200 gift card but at least you will get something in return. WHAT A SCAM!!!!

  43. B Scott

    Verizon offered a free LCD flat screen TV promotion for signing up for their triple play offer that included internet service, fios television and phone service. I ordered the triple play and the offer said it could take up to 10 weeks to receive the promo tv. After 10 weeks I called Verizon asking why my TV had not been shipped. The verizon customer service rep said that I did place my order within the time to receive the promotional offer but that they had no record of me notifying them that I wanted the tv that was required after I had the service installed. ( I did notify them according to their procedure, but they said they had no record of it) I told them I did want the tv and they said I would have to wait another 10 weeks to have it shipped to me. I asked that they do something to ship it to me sooner but they said there was nothing they could do to change their procedure.

    After 10 more weeks I still had not received the tv as promised. I called the customer service again and they said that I should have had the tv shipped to me and they did not know why they had failed to send it to me. The verizon rep said he would call me back after he investigated the situation further. 2 hours later he called me back and said I did not have the service installed within the time period required to qualify for the promotional offer. After picking my jaw up from the floor I told the verizon rep that I had no control over when it could be installed because they actually scheduled and did the installation!!!! I then asked him where was this information that said the installation had to be completed by a certain date? (ok, everybody get ready for this) He replied ” it was in the fine print”. When I asked why would you do that he replied “I’m sorry sir, I don’t have that information. I asked for a supervisor to have my tv sent as they promised and they refused. I am disgusted with they way I have been treated by this company after having paid them thousands of dollars over the years for their mobile and home phone service. My advice to everyone considering any promotional offer with them is don’t trust them. All they care about is getting your money no matter what it takes even if it means deceiving you in the process.

  44. T

    Same problem. Was promised $200 Target gift cards which were never received. Called many times and no-one would take responsibility, just pushed me to another department. Finally got a helpful rep and they put me through to the customer advocacy group and they say they will apply a $200 credit to my account (we’ll see!!!) Anyway, the number for the customer advocacy group is 1-800-483-7988 and then hit “3”. Good luck!

  45. D

    I took your advice, T, skipped the inevitable runaround, and just called the advocacy group, 1-800-483-7988. They put me on hold while they got an escalation specialist on the phone for me. This only took about five minutes. The escalation specialist told me that since I already had phone with Verizon I did not qualify for the offer. This is total BS because I was told before I signed up for Triple Play with HD television, 15 Mbps internet and phone, that I would qualify for the gift cards. This is partly why I signed up in the first place. She offered me the $35/month credit for 6 mos. I told her I did not agree with her position that since I already had phone through Verizon, I did not qualify; however, in the end, I just took the offer because I don’t want any more hassles. Sheesh, these people!

  46. GiftCardBlogger™

    D, I am glad you got some form of resolution, even if it was not what was promised 🙂

  47. tickedoff

    I signed up in March 08 because of the $200 gift certificate and I wanted to see how fios tv was. Well, I was much happier with Directv. It is now December and I still do not have my gift certificate. I was told in September that the card would be mailed in 4 to 6 weeks. I called two days ago to talk to a supervisor. The supervisor was supposed to call me back in an hour, 9:30am. At 12Pm I called and was told I was on the list to be called back. 48 hours later, still no phone call. But they did tell me that I must pay the $190 cancellation fee to get out of the contract. They will take your money, but not follow through with their end of the deal.

  48. Annoyed

    I too was duped by Verizon with the $200 Amex giftcard. I was told I qualified for the promotion, but they ran out of cards. (Right!) They offered me the credits, but I am standing my ground and not excepting anything other than what was promised to me. I’ve just filed a complaint with the BBB, and am contacting local news stations since this seems to be a rampant problem. This is ridiculous!!

  49. Finally some resolution after 8 months, I thank this website wholeheartedly for fighting for the small people. Call that number guys and be ready to back up your claim!

  50. sick of it

    I too was duped with the cards, they also will not take as payment either, on top of that, my flyer stated 69.99 per month, so far,in 4 months I have paid close to $700 in services….. for what???

  51. GSP

    I ordered the verizon triple play back in April 2008 when there was a $200 gift card offer for triple play for 104.99 dollars from veriozon. I did not receive any gift card till now.
    My bill was also messed up and they started billing me 247.75 every month instead of $104.99 + taxes. I have to call them every month and explain them that this is a triple play order and that the guy has installed all the services on the same day and I am supposed to be billed only 104.99+Taxes. This continued for 6 months and finally, they fixed my bill after 6 months of service.

    I did not receive my $200 AMEX gift card yet, I called them atleat 7 times on this issue and every time I call them they would say they put up a new request and I would get my card in 2 weeks. I have decided to make written complaint to the consumer affairs. The gift card promotion is a big scam. Verizon should be ashamed of using such cheap tactics to attract the customers and for ripping the customers like this.

  52. serina


  53. Joan Searle

    promised a AE gift cert 5 months ago…online chat this a.m. and agent is “checking w/AE” to get status and is supposed to call me back…initially, she told me to call AE…what a crock of shit
    i told her she needed to call and call me back asap
    i also mentioned the many websites about verizon fraud relating to gift certs w/ae, best buys and others

  54. JIm

    Thank you all for your comments. I signed up in May 2008 expecting my American Express $200 gift card. I called in November and spent several hours over 2 days being bounced back and forth to the rewards department who knows nothing about outstanding requests. Finally I was told that I would indeed get my gift card in 6 weeks and that there was no way to check on it. I never received it. Today I called and got for the first time the BS about how I already had Verizon as my phone service so I wasn’t a new customer. I was never told this in November. They never offer to send you to customer relations. On Monday I will be calling the CR number provided by several of you.

    Appreciate your advice and support. And by the way the overcharged me several months ago when I upgraded to HD. I went in to the Verizon center to get my new box and they charged me for a home installation appointment that never occurred plus a $45 dollar movie charge – unexplainable. Please carefully read your bills.

    Best, -Jim

  55. JIm

    Follow up. I called the Verizon Advocacy number today and after 10 minutes of Muzak I got a live person and then forwarded to escalation. The woman tried to preempt the conversation by saying I already had had Verizon phone. I cut her off, thanks to all of you, and said that wasn’t told to me when I signed up or when I called in November (installation was in May) to report not getting my AE $200 gift card. Success! She is crediting my account…$20 on the next bill and $30 off for the next 6 months. What a scam. They must process health insurance claims at Verizon also!

    Glad I discovered this discussion group.

  56. Dan

    Verizon offered me a $200 Circuit City rebate for signing up with Fios for 2 years. Not counting the times Verizon reps hung up on me, ditched my call back into the computerized menu, or said I had reached the wrong department, it took me six calls and five escalations over the course of nine months for them to give me a $200 rebate–not in the form of a gift card, but against my next Verizon bill.

  57. Roz Snyder

    I was offered the $200 amex card as well and got the same run around as everyone else. I kept calling and they kept telling me that they were sending me a form to fill out and then I would get my card. I never did get the form. I called again today and was informed that the promotion has ended and the time period to claim the card has passed. I explained that they kept telling me that they were sending something and I was patient and waited every time. Now they are saying it’s too late. The last person asked that I fax them a copy of the contract that I filled out online. I will do that tomorrow, but after thinking about it, I decided to call again and ask for another supervisor and see if they can help me. It seems that the service you get depends upon who you talk to so I decided to try again. This time, I was informed that they could offer me a $10 credit each month for 12 months. I said I would take what I could get but am going to file a complaint about this matter. After reading the comments on this site and seeing that others have gotten $200 credits toward their bill, I will try to call some different people until someone will help give me the full amount promised to me. I hope the government will help consumers against these companies in the future and make contracts illegal. It is unfair to the consumer that companies do not have to compete for your business after they get you to sign up under false pretenses.

  58. Ellen

    I cannot believe this has happened to so many other people! A year ago I signed up for FIOS and was promised a $100 gift card along with all sorts of other things, like $10 off my bill per month – none of which ever happened. I called back every month for 6 months after signing up to ask about it and was told again and again that either it would be sent out immediately or that the offer was no longer valid. I absolutely have no respect of trust for verizon. I recently called back after letting 6 months go by and the woman told me she was going to have a card sent right out. Yeah right.

  59. roz snyder

    Have you seen the ads now that offer $150 cash back for signing up? Every time it is on, I have to comment “Yeah Right” and “Good Luck”

  60. Meagan

    I signed up for Verizon Triple Play in February 2008, installed 2/12/08 and was promised the $200 Best Buy gift card. I called 7 times during the past 13 months and got a different story each time, and each call was no less than 1 hour long. I found this website today, called the advocacy number (800-483-7988), selected option 3, and had a confirmation number for a $30 credit to account for next 6 months, plus $20 credit to current bill within 10 minutes. Give up on the gift cards, they are never going to arrive!! Cut your losses and go for the credit.

  61. Maryellen Small

    I had about given up on ever receiving the promised $200.00 American Express gift card, after signing up with Verizon over a year ago, but after about 5 phone requests over the past 11 months it arrived in the mail yesterday. I sure hope everyone else receives theirs, and that it’s for real.

  62. July 2009 is here, our veterinary business signed up with a promised 200 dollar Amerx gift card exactly one year ago. I have called about every 2 months… no card. I am going to cancel my business with verizon if they do not like my not honoring our contract, then they should start honoring our contract themselves. But if so many people are having this problem, I think it is time for a class action law suit.

  63. I ordered my triple play service over 2 years ago. My contract is up at this point, and I have yet to receive my $200.00 rebate card (Or my digital camera…they offered a choice). My bills have become astronomical, and in my opinion, they savings never lived up to the expectation. In fact, the service has been about 20% more than we ever paid for Cablevision’s triple play. I have to say that I will miss the television. Their HD is better, and the set top box responds a lot quicker to input, but cablevision is a much easier company to deal with. I have used Cablevision in my office for about 7 years now, and when I call, I get a voice within 90 seconds EVERY TIME. When I ask a question, the person either has an answer or transfers me to a HUMAN BEING with an answer. The FIOS technical support department is non existent. The FIOS router is also FILLED with problems that cannot be worked around unless you disable the on demand features. All in all, a great idea gone wrong…hopefully Cablevision will upgrade their service, because I am once again a Cable customer.

  64. Carol

    This JUST happened to me. I called with a pleasant tone and stayed calm but the girl Ashley who “helped” me had an attitude from the start and was VERY condescending. She gave me the run around about how I am no longer eligible for the reward. THIS IS HOW THEY GET YOU: they say that their department doesnt handle that issue and you end up calling so many different numbers and spending so much time you get frustrated with the whole thing. If I got paid for the time I spend on the phone with verizon I would have already exceeded the amount of the award.

  65. April B

    I can’t believe this has been going on for years. I was promised by my sales rep that if I got the Verizon triple bundle installed by the end of the year (and I did. . .it was instaleed 12/30) that I would recieve $30 off a month for 6 months AND a 150 Target gift card. When I called to confirm my installation, I was told that I would receive my card in 5 weeks. After 5 weeks when I called, I was told it would come in 60 days. After 60 days I was given a ticket # and told that an agent would follow through with me. I was also given a # to call which handled promotions only but to wait until 90 days has gone by. Well the agent never called me, so after 90 days I called the promotions # and was told that I got the $30 off per month for 6 months and I am not entitled to both promotions. When I explained that my copy of the signed contract clearly states I am entitled to both, I was given another number to call. AFter calling this number, I was told a Supervisor would call me back within the hour. That was yesterday. . .I am still waiting and very upset and frustrated. I am now in the middle of making copies of my contract to mail to customer service with a nasty letter of complaint. (By the way, my sales girl who gave me her cell number doesn’t even return my calls!)

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