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Free $75 Gas Card from Expedia with hotel stay

For a limited time, is offering a free $75 gas card (MasterCard) when you book and stay for 4 nights at participating hotels in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. You can also get a free $50 gas card for booking and staying for 3 nights or a free $25 gas card for booking and staying for 2 nights at participating hotels.

Reservations must be made by September 2 and travel must be completed by September 30th. will ship the gas card within 3-6 weeks after travel is complete. For more on this offer, click here.

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  1. Not a bad deal. I just wanted to share that you can make it into a better deal and get 2% cash back.

    Check out

    for all the details.


  2. Rick

    Earlier this year, I booked a hotel for four days and a rental car through Expedia. I booked the trip months in advance. I never received my $50 gas card, even after 2 phone calls and numerous letters. They even gave me a “case number”. Still no card. Now they won’t even respond to emails.

    I will NEVER deal with them again and am currently trying to find a class-action suit against them on the internet concerning these cards. I’ve found numerous posts by people being scammed by them too.

    Actually, Expedia has done themselves more harm on this than me as my company uses them frequently to book travel. We travel at least once a month. We won’t be using them any more. So that $50 gas card, not only cost me $50, it cost Expedia THOUSANDS in the long run. Way to go, Expedia!


  3. GiftCardBlogger™

    Rick, funny you mentioned this. I also signed up for the $50 gift card promotion from Expedia and I am waiting for my gift card. I just completed my trip about a month ago so I am giving them another month to send me the card. We will see.

  4. DON’T GIVE UP on your gas card from I was promised a $75 gas card if I made a hotel reservation through Expedia. I was assured by the agent that I would receive the card in the mail after my stay was completed. I waited one month and no card. I called Expedia customer service and was told that the $75 gas card offer expired at the end of July. The offer was still present on their web site when I made the reservation in August. Call customer service and BE FIRM! Ask to talk to a supervisor. Don’t give up! I didn’t get a gas card but instead I received a $75 credit on the Discover card that I used to book the reservation. Persistence pays!

  5. GiftCardBlogger™

    Lawrence, thanks for the tip 🙂

  6. Jon

    I too signed up for a gas card for a 4 night stay and never got it! I tried emailing but they don’t reply. All I have is my confirmation which doesnt say anything about the gas card but I know i filled out the online form for it… what a joke! why do promotions you can’t administer?

  7. The gas card seems to be a scam. Read more case (like Jon) at

  8. Van

    I was scammed by this offer too. It’s now been 15 weeks since my travel has been complete, and still no gas card. 6 weeks ago, I opened a trouble ticket, and Expedia said it would be just 2 more weeks. Expedia sucks, and this is blatant false advertising, luring customers in with the promise of a $75 incentive, but with no intent on delivering it!

  9. Paulo

    I also fell for the $75 gift card promotion scam. I will not trust expedia again. I have sent numerous emails and I have called. I keep getting told just one more week, just two more weeks, again and again, and it has been six months since I completed my trip.

  10. Mike

    Same issue here, I also didn’t get the $75 gas card. What a scam from expedia.

  11. Mike

    I travelled in February and was supposed to receive a $50 Mastercard. It is now almost 6 months later and after numerous calls and e-mails and my case number being “escalated’ and marked “urgent” for immediate attention several times in the last 3 months I still have nothing but empty promises. I wonder how Mastercard would feel about their name being used in this fraud scheme. Well I will be forwarding my complaint to the state Attorney General and local TV stations for investigation. Hopefully if enough light is shined on Expedia and their deceptive practices they will either change or be exposed and go out of business before the rip-off more unsuspecting travelers.

  12. vince

    I didn’t even expect it from my trip to NY, then they send me a prepaid mastercard for $50… thanks Expedia

  13. Sid

    I had a same issue from Stayed 4 nights but never got $75 MasterCard as promised. It’s already been 3 months no sign of luck. I contacted their customer care, after arguing 30 minutes they offered me 10% refund. What a joke! They all are scammer and treat their customer like a shit. I don’t know if all victims can bring a class action suit against

  14. JLK

    I booked a very expensive hotel stay at the Dolphin Hotel – Disney, FL through Expedia. I was promised a $50 Gas Card would be sent to my home address within 4-6 weeks (as part of the offer). Three (3) months have passed, and NO GAS CARD! I have called 3 times and emailed 3 times. Each time to India I believe, with NO RESOLVE whatsoever. Just long 30 minute waits on hold, transfer after transfer, canned emails that say “We’re sorry you are having trouble”. They are just hoping customers will give up and go away. I do not understand why Expedia would create such a SCAM and offer such poor customer service! They really are driving customers away. Just look at how many people on this board have been scammed! Why would Disney be a part of this? I am not interested in booking travel trough Expedia in the future. Be very careful of their “offers”.

  15. Autumn

    I had the same thing happen. We were booked our Vegas vacation on August 13, 2010 (the cut off for the promo was Aug 31). You had to travel before Sept 6, 2010, which we did. It said it would come to my house 6 weeks after our trip. It is now the beginning of Nov. I called them & they said they knew nothing about it, that the only deal they had, had to do with their credit card. Needless to say I am a very unhappy consumer!!!

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