Holiday e-cards (also known as greeting cards) are a great and easy way to send seasonal greetings and well wishes. Holiday e-cards are distributed through e-mail so it is important that you make sure the recipient regularly checks their inbox so they will receive it. There are many options and sites which provide this service so you may find yourself having to make a choice. Cards range from standard text to multimedia and sound embedded cards.  Here are three sites that we found to be solid options to meet your holiday greeting card needs.

American Greetings

American Greetings may be the most popular site for e-cards.  American Greeting requires users to become members, they do offer a free trial in place of monthly and annual subscriptions. Membership advantages include:

  • Seamless sharing of AG’s entire line of unique and innovative greeting cards
  • Ability to create and print cards from home
  • Members only discounts on personalized paper cards and aisle cards
  • Mobile App

123 Greetings is completely free to consumers and offers a wide range of quality holiday greetings. 123 Greetings specializes in unique e-cards, many of which will play holiday tunes and short multimedia. They also have 2 options which we found to be very useful. You can schedule cards to be sent at any time, which gives you a chance to arrange cards around your own time. 123 greetings also has a Facebook feature. This gives you the option to send cards via facebook rather than email. And remember, 100% free with is very much similar to 123 however we have chosen to feature them because of their holiday gift to consumers. The site is offering anyone who sends one of their cards this season free access to their Christmas carol collection; a small collection of festive holiday songs. A nice thank you for using the service. The only negative response with egreetings is a bit of a slow load period with their cards which may discourage receivers.

We wish everyone a happy holiday season here at GiftCardRescue. Make someone’s day by sending an e-card from one of these great sites and enjoy the season with your loved ones.