If you are going back to college and need a new computer, Apple offers a great student discount on their popular Macbook and iMac products that can also net you a free iTunes Gift Card. With your iTunes gift card you can purchase anything in the iTunes store like music, tv shows or movies. You can also use your free iTunes gift card to buy applications and programs in the Mac App store. Also, all new Mac products come with the brand new operating system OSX Lion for free.

Buy a new Macbook & Get a Free iTunes gift card!

How to get a Free iTunes Gift Card

If you buy a qualifying Macbook between June 16th and September 20th 2011, you will receive a 10% discount and a free iTunes gift card worth $100. You must be a registered college student, teacher, staff member, or parent of a college student to be applicable for the discount. You will have to show some sort of identification to get the deal such as a student ID card or copy of your transcripts.

Using your Free iTunes Gift Card

Once you set your new Mac up, you’ll have to register for an Apple account. Registering for your Apple account is incredibly easy and only takes a couple of minutes. After you login to your account you can scratch the back code of the Apple to reveal the iTunes code. Be careful and scratch the back off gently so that you don’t erase any of the code. Enter the code into your App Store or iTunes account and then you can spend the balance on whatever you’d like. Here’s a list of the most popular apps currently available for Mac.