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If you have a few gift cards that have been lying around for a while, you probably do not know how much money is on them. The easiest way to check the balance on a gift card is to look at the back of the card for information on how to check the balance. Most gift cards will provide you a phone number or a web address to check the balance. However, some cards only provide a phone number. Others only allow you to check the balance of the card only at the store.

Here is an easy way to check the balance on your gift card. Go to and you will be provided information on how to check your gift card balance. The website provides information for over 200 major gift cards.


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  1. What is more uncomfortable than approaching the store cash register with a gift card and not knowing if it has a balance of $10 or $100?! Thank you for providing this link and service. I have talked a number of times on my site about trying to find a service similar to this. GiftCardRescue is truly a valuable resource. I am going to blog about you this weekend from my site Have a great weekend.

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