Gift Cards are thought by some to be an impersonal gift. What better way to add an element of fun than with a creative way to package them. Here are some great ways to add a personal touch to giving a gift card.

Morning Coffee: A nice addition to a coffee shop gift card is to include a unique coffee mug. You could even fill the mug with coffee beans and place the card in the middle

Tied Up: Neck ties have become the dreaded gift of all men. Instead of a tie, slip a gift card to a popular men’s clothing store within a tie box.

Tree Trimming: A great Christmas idea could be to incorporate your gift card with a Christmas tree ornament and hang it from your tree.

Bookmarked: When giving a bookstore gift card, include a NY Times Bestseller, or classic novel along with it. Tuck the gift card between the pages as a bookmark.

Lots of Socks: A great pair of socks is a classic Christmas gift. Add a popular clothing store gift card within one of the socks.

Wine and Dine: A popular kitchen store gift card or gourmet food retailer gift card are always great ideas for the holidays. The only thing missing is a bottle of wine for a future dinner for two.

Turn it Up: Electronics and music store gift cards make for great holiday gifts. Slip your gift card in an empty CD case and wrap it in a pair of ear bud headphones.

Stay tuned for more gift card holder ideas in the near future!