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Gift Card Holders – A reason to be creative

Whether for a wedding, Christmas or birthday, gift card holders and packaging should be part of your presentation for two reasons. First, they make your gift card look personal. It shows the giver that some thought was put into the gift. Even though gift cards have gained in popularity over the last few years, there are some people who still find them impersonal. Part of the reason for this has to do with packaging. Although the cards come with holders, they are usually not impressive. If you really want to make an impression with the gift, why cut corners with the packaging?

The other reason for using gift card holders and packaging is to maintain the element of surprise. People like to be surprised, including adults. So, when you use the packaging that comes with the gift card, it is easy for the person to tell they are getting a gift card, which takes the fun out of receiving the gift. Let’s say you buy someone a new portable DVD player for Christmas or a birthday. Even though the DVD player comes in a box, you still take the time to wrap the box to maintain the element of surprise. Same thing with gift card giving. Even though the gift card comes with its own packaging, surprise the receiver by getting creative with the packaging.

When selecting a gift card holder or packaging, make sure you pick something that is appropriate for the occasion. Gift card holders have come a long way and you can now find occasion-specific packaging to go with your gift card. Another possibility is to create your own packaging. Since the overall goal is to maintain the element of surprise, you can take a chance and make something unique to package your gift card. If you are not that creative, possible gift card holders you can buy include a tin box, cardboard box, paper pouches, greeting cards and stuffed animals.

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    Other accessories have come onto the scene recently that offer more sentimental expression in the presentation. The prasenta(tm) gift cardAbook is another great card accessory which can be found at select retailers nationwide. I gave the prasenta Season’s Greetings gift cardAbook to all my gift card recipients and it’s like giving two gifts in one! The cardAbook is a true keepsake long after the card has been used. The Happy Birthday is another popular theme.

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