Gift card holders are a great way to spice things up this holiday season. These holders for Home Depot gift cards are a great place to start. These can all be found at Home Depot stores for $2.99 each.

The first gift card holder we found is this miniature tool box. The toolbox lid opens up allowing you to stow your gift card inside.

The next holder option is this functional gift card tin, with a lid that doubles as a level.

Another card holder we found is this replica Home Depot apron. The pouch pocket of the apron allows you to slide your card within.

Next up we have the signature orange paint bucket. The top pops off to allow you to store your gift card.

The final gift card holder we found from Home Depot is this replica paint can. Like the paint bucket, the top is removable to place your gift card inside. Another nice feature about this particular holder is it includes a mini screwdriver to pop the lid off with.