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Gift card legal compliance, escheatment and unclaimed property services by NRA

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) has partnered with CardFact, Ltd., an Ohio based gift card services company to offer gift card legal compliance consultancy service to its members. State gift card laws have become more complex and I can see why an industry association like the NRA would offer this service to its members since keeping up with the ever changing landscape of gift card laws could be a challenge for a single company.

There is also a growing interest on the part of states to protect their consumers against gift card practices they consider unfair or abusive, and a federal gift card law may be coming soon in 2009.

CardFact provides gift card compliance and consulting services, with a special emphasis on issues related to escheatment and unclaimed property. This new service by the NRA will be added to the Association’s member benefit portfolio.


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  1. Mark

    I like gift cards. It’s a good thing that people are trying to protect others who use the ATM.

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