Gift Card Nightmare: Brookstone to the rescue?


As a follow up to the previous story on the suspension of gift card redemption by bankrupt Sharper Image, Fox News is reporting that competitor Brookstone is offering current Sharper Image gift card holders an instant 25 percent savings off a Brookstone purchase. Customers who accept this offer must relinquish their Sharper Image gift card to Brookstone. 
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Brookstone would honor any valid Sharper Image gift card, regardless of value, and includes Sharper Image rewards cards, gift certificates or merchandise certificates. However, the real disappointment is that the discount does not apply to Sony, Celestron, Bose, Panasonic and Tempur-Pedic products.

But given that holders of Sharper Image gift cards may end up getting next to nothing through the bankruptcy process, a 25% discount on a humidifier at Brookstone may not be a bad deal.

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