logo_sharperimage.pngIn what may be an acknowledgment of customer anger towards the company’s decision to suspend the redemption of gift cards after it filed for bankruptcy last month, and attempts by rivals to woo its customers, The Sharper Image announced yesterday that it will resume redemption of all Gift Cards for their full value after Bankruptcy Court approval.

However, there is a caveat: Gift Cards will be honored for their full value with two conditions (1) they must be redeemed in full in one transaction; and (2) customers must purchase an item that costs double the value of the gift certificate or merchandise certificate.

For customers holding The Sharper Image gift card, this is a mixed baggage. While the company is providing some relief, they are clearly restricted on when and how to use their gift cards. To ask someone with say a $100 gift card to spend another $100 before they can redeem the card is quite excessive. I don’t think this offer by The Sharper Image makes the situation any better. If the goal was to woo back its customers, this offer may even turn them further away.