question.jpgIf you’ve read the “About Us” page on this site, you’ve probably come across the terms “Naked Gift Card” and “Lonely Gift Card” and may be wondering that these are. This post explains what these terms mean and provides tips on how to avoid these situations.

Naked Gift Card and Lonely Gift Card are two terms I coined to explain two important factors to consider when giving someone a gift card.

Naked Gift CardTM

A Naked Gift Card is when you give someone a gift card with little or no effort in packaging the gift card, thereby ruining the element of surprise for the receiver. How do you know you’ve given someone a Naked Gift Card? The answer is simple: If the person can tell just by looking at the packaging that they are getting a gift card, then you gave them a Naked Gift Card.

Why is this important and why should you care? Well, people like to be surprised when receiving a gift. One of the main complaints people have about gift cards is that they are impersonal. I think the primary reason people make this assertion is because of how gift cards are packaged. If someone gave me a gift card and it came in one of those little envelopes provided by retailers, I will certainly feel like no effort went into the gift. That would take the joy out of receiving the gift.

To see how important gift card packaging is, an April 2008 survey by Seastone, a company that produces specialty gift card packaging found that adults prefer gift cards that are presented in packages and can be opened and discovered. The survey also showed that two thirds of customers were more likely to purchase a gift card if it came with special packaging. This reveals that we carry the desire to ‘unwrap’ our presents into adulthood. We relish the mystery of a gift inside a special box or wrapping paper. Poorly packaging a gift card robs the receiver of that experience.

So, how do you avoid giving a Naked Gift Card? According to the Seastone survey, some of the fun ways to “dress up” a gift card include:

  1. Tin box with ribbon
  2. Decorative Paper Carrier, Pouch or Envelope
  3. Stuffed Animal
  4. Decorative Cardboard box
  5. Wrapping Paper/Gift Wrap/Tissue
  6. A gift bag
  7. Wrapped inside another gift
  8. Hand crafted item

Lonely Gift CardTM

The concept of a Lonely Gift Card is simple: I believe that when presenting someone with a gift card, it is always better to add a small gift to the gift card, rather than just giving the person a gift card (a Lonely Gift Card). Now, there is nothing wrong with giving someone just a gift card. After all, it is still a gift and they have the opportunity to get something they want from a store they hopefully like.

However, my point is that you get a better reaction when the gift card comes with something else, however small or insignificant that something is. This is based on the fact that the person gets an instant gratification from your other gift, as well as something to look forward to (shopping with your gift card).

What other small gifts can you add to a gift card? Below are a few suggestions:

  1. A greeting card
  2. A hand crafted item
  3. A framed picture (if applicable)
  4. Stuffed Animal (if applicable)
  5. Flowers (if applicable)
  6. Fruit Basket