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Where to buy a Visa Gift Card (In-Person)

Below is an updated list of where you can buy Visa Prepaid Gift Cards Online and In-Person at Store Locations.(Updated 10/26/2011)

The Most Popular Visa Prepaid Cards Online (Click here to see a full list of Prepaid Visa Cards)

READYdebit® Prepaid Visa® Card

READYdebit® Prepaid Visa® Card

You Can Buy Visa Gift Cards At the Following Walk-in Locations

Drug Stores

Duane Reade
Longs Drugs
Rite Aid

Grocery Stores/Supermarkets

Winn Dixie
Stater Bros
Giant Eagle
King Kullen
A & P
Price Chopper
Big Y Food
Stop & Shop
Food Lion
Bi Lo

For more details about the Visa gift card and other prepaid gift cards, click here.



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  1. rika

    Hey! Nice blog! I just wanted to share with you a great Mother’s Day gift idea. I’m getting my mom a pearl necklace, and I think it’s the perfect gift for moms. I found a really nice online pearl store called Premium Pearl. You can find them at
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  2. Great list by the way. I work for a company that manages and tracks gift card, and were looking for similar information about the most popular gift cards. My question to you is, Do the people who love the VISA gift card know that the card expires and charges fees? Or do they simply love it because they can spend it everywhere? I might as well load money directly into their checking account at least they receiver would get the money. Any thoughts?

  3. Kwame Kuadey

    Rika and Austin, thanks for stopping by.

    Austin, regarding your question, i think some consumers are aware of the fees but I have found that majority are not. Not all the fees are displayed on the card and as long as there is information on the sales receipt regarding the fees, retailers are not required to post all the fees on the card. So most people find out about the fees when they begin to incur them.

    I have also found that for some people, the fee is not an issue because it helps them shop online if they don’t have a credit card. This is especially true for teens that want to shop online but don’t have a credit card.

  4. Good point. I’m just not comfortable having my money disappear like that. For example: A high end massive mall in Southern California is currently using AMEX has their gift card reseller. They are getting complaints about all the cards expiring. It’s simply a legalized scam. Technically a gift card is a loan, to the retailer, not a loan to us. That is why when retailers file for bankruptcy they don’t necessarily have to pay the gift card holders anything back. Another question is, there are states that have expiry laws, how come the credit card companies, don’t have to follow the law? I think I might blog about this today. Thanks.

  5. Peter

    In addition to the Visa/Mastercard/American Express gift card fees, I have found them really hard to use up completely. Despite the post in this blog with directions for splitting transactions, I have found that few merchants will actually do this for you.

    I saw a post on another blog that suggested paying your eBay fees with cards with small balances on them, as apparently eBay will allow you to pay in increments. I haven’t tried this.

    Another option is which will allow you to transfer your remaining balance (or part of it) to PayPal for these types of cards.

  6. matt

    another great thing about visa gift cards is if you want to order something off of the internet but don’t want to use your credit card you can run down to the store buy a gift card, and then use the card to purchase anything you want.
    i haven’t had any problems with doing this, i just feel its safer.

  7. Mark

    I have a question, If I have a CVS Store Gift Card, or say Macy’s Gift Card… can i use those cards to buy a visa discover or amex prepaid card??

  8. GiftCardBlogger™

    No, you cannot. One option is to sell your gift card to our sister company and use the proceeds to buy the prepaid card. All the best.

  9. Do you get to buy anything with the Mastercard Giftcard

    Can a 14 year old just buy it without bringing a parent?

  10. GiftCardBlogger™

    Yes, you can use a mastercard gift card anywhere mastercard debit cards are accepted (which is pretty much anywhere you see the mastercard logo).

    You do not need a parent present to buy a mastercard gift card.

  11. miguel

    iam 14 years old and i am wondering can i buy a visa card at a retail store without a parent present

  12. GiftCardBlogger™

    Miguel, yes, you can buy a visa gift card without a parent. There is no age limit on who can buy or use a visa gift card. I am sure you should be fine at 14yrs.

  13. nini

    so exactly how much do they take out when u purchase an item when using your visa gift card?

  14. Canada

    wat if i live in canada?

  15. Kevin

    Is a Visa Gift Card the same as a Vanilla Visa?

    I see the latter all the time in stores, but I’ve read a lot of horror stories about them online.

  16. javier

    Can I purchase a gift card in person using my credit card (american express) or do I have to shell out cash?

  17. Fantastic blog – great content! I needed to get this information quickly and found your gift card blog.

    Thank you!

  18. Maya

    Do you need to present an ID when purchasing something with a Visa giftcard?

  19. al

    were can i get a $500, its like they dont make them any more unless a SSN is requireed? why?

  20. al

    im in califronia northern part

  21. Thanks for the concise list. A friend of mine needs a visa card for online purchases and was looking for a convenient place to get one – now I can let him know.

    Best to you…

  22. I would highly advise anyone to avoid these gift cards. In Ontario Canada, the government even passed legislation to prevent companies like Visa putting expiry dates and charging fees. Yet Visa has yet to comply.
    Why? Because they make a ton of money off unfortunate consumers would “save up” their cards and have no knowledge that they are losing money month after month. Think about all the young kids whose uncles and aunts give them as presents only to learn that the $25 gift card, after not being used for a year, is now worth $1. What kind of message does that send?
    In my opinion, they are a scam, full stop.
    Either give cash or find a store that actually practices honourable business with regards to gift cards. Visa is not one of those businesses.

  23. Barry

    Sometimes using a credit card exposes you to a practice whereby sellers keeping charging you each month even though you have tried to cancel the subscription or the monthly shipments. If you use a visa gift card, they can’t charge you more than what’s on the card. That would stop the unwanted shipments.

  24. I need a Gift Card which allows me to register both an address and zip code. I need this because I product I tried buying online does a credit card address verification match. Without which they will not sell me the product.

  25. Thank you, thank you! I am looking for a last minute gift idea and didn’t know where to buy a Visa Gift Card. You saved the day! Running over to the grocery store right now.

  26. Donna

    Your blog is great, but I just want to post a warning and word to the wise regarding the Visa Gift Cards. I just encountered a very unsettling incident with the VANILLA VISA, popular in CVS and grocery stores. I bought a Visa “GAS” card and with the first attempt at a gas pump it was declined and a $75.00 hold was placed on the card. I was told it was because the zip code had not been registered for the card, but no where was this stated except on their website! Now it will take 5-7 business days for this hold to be released. They are less than helpful in customer service and the card is nothing but a SCAM. So buyers, beware!

  27. The Lemon

    Visa gift card are terrible. Doesn’t matter what bank. You try to spend them and most of the places the machines can’t process them. we’ve tried to use our latest ones we got as gifts 5 times and it’s only worked at one place. better to give someone cash.

  28. Vanessa M

    i want to get a visa gift card for a friend of mine for christmas.
    and from what i read above:
    – there is a expiration date??
    – also there is a fee? how much is the fee and when is it charged?
    do you recommend this, me getting a visa gift card?

    the reason why i want to get her one is so that she can buy this online. Is their trouble with purchasing items on line with a visa gift card? is it easier than using it in stores?

    is there any other gift card that i can get her that is better that can work for all online stores?

  29. joshpatterson

    Vanessa, due to the CARD act implemented this year, Visa gift cards purchased from here on out do not have expiration dates. The only fee associated with Visa GIFT cards is a one time activation fee, typically 4-5 dollars. No charge or monthly fees are applied. These can be used to make purchases online however in some instances the card must first be registered through Visa.

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