Where to buy an iTunes gift cards (in-person)

This is a popular question online, especially on Yahoo Answers, so I did some research and here is what I found:

You can buy an iTunes gift card at the apple store. To do this, you need a valid credit card with a U.S. billing address. You can also buy them at many national retailers, supermarkets, and drug stores, including the following: (Updated 10/27/2011)

Best Buy
Rite Aid

Readers, do you know of other places (both in-person and online) where you can buy an iTunes gift card? Post your response in the comments section below.

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31 comments on “Where to buy an iTunes gift cards (in-person)
  1. gscrreen says:

    whick of this stores are located in UK

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can visit http://www.justitunes.com

    Seems like you can buy itunes credits there!

  3. I found a website where you can purchase iTunes gift cards with a special discount. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-ufBsvPPLM

  4. mary says:

    anyone selling a itunes card for less than face value is fraudulent. they use stolen credit cards to buy itunes gift certificates. when the real owner of the credit card gets the bill, they will see charges from itunes and dispute the bill. itunes will track the gift code to the itunes account that redeemed it and will disable your access to the account and the downloads. you’ll be accused of using a stolen credit card. and if you used paypal, they will freeze access to your account and money. these websites say that apple imposes a 24 hour expiration on the itunes cards/codes. this is not apple policy. its just a way for the scammer to get you to spend it before the credit card company notices the suspicious activity and reports it to the credit card owner. buy legitimate itunes and stay legal. http://CosmicTV.net/

  5. gina says:

    wow mary you are dumb. lol. it has nothing to do with credit cards, though it is fraudulent. check out the internet research- the chinese cracked itunes gift card codes.

  6. Tom says:

    Actually Gina, Mary is 100% correct, they haven’t cracked the codes, they are cracking peoples accounts, purchasing GC and selling them to some one else for cheaper and as Mary said, when the person who was charged for these GC’s reports the fraud, the account who redeemed the card will be disabled the credit remove and the account could end up canceled for good.

  7. Ning says:

    I found it in Hyvee store.

  8. Ambi says:

    If you’re from outside the USA, like I am, you could try http://www.legalitunescards.com. They usually have $50 cards in stock (email delivery) – pretty decent, and they’re powersellers on ebay. An added bonus is that they email you a scan of the itunes card (with the code shown) Just because a fraudster hikes up the price of their cards to above face value doesn’t mean the card is legit, does it?

  9. Greg says:

    Recently I am looking to buy one, so I google it and landing on cheapitunescards.com , seems like they sell it cheap, you could get $50 for $37 something, is it legit ?

    But when i saw the payment, it is using third party plimus, i think i would like to try it.

    And yup, they send me within 24 hours, with note that I need to spend it on the next 24 hours or it will expired. Seems like they cracked it or how ?

  10. Rosalind says:

    Hi, I found a legit online store selling US iTunes gift cards mainly to people living outside the US. The service is very efficient and the prices reasonable. Just follow the instructions on their link. Good luck!

  11. Leslie says:

    To be sure it is not fraudulent go to a local retailer, apple store or http://store.apple.com

  12. Lisa says:

    Staples sells them too.

  13. Andy says:

    Can I buy the itune gift card in Hong Kong Apple Store?


  14. ituneshop says:

    sell us itunes account,The $30 us itunes account only charges for $2,us itunes account(itunes gift code),http://www.aionwowbuy.com

  15. Joe says:

    i advise to buy from http://www.itunesgiftscards.com , they are low cost and ship international!

  16. Michael says:

    Hi guys

    My US iPad is underway and I am preparing to get itunes gift cards so I can use stuff from the US itunes store.

    My question is: Can you use any gift card bought in a German Apple store with a US itunes account or does it have to be a US gift card for the US itunes account?

  17. Alex says:

    Its a great one man..
    i bought my itunes gift card from http://itunesgiftscards.com and got my gift card after 2 hours,this store deliver fast and they are legit

  18. ituneshop says:

    sell us itunes gift card,The $100 us itunes account only charges for $9,The $50 us itunes account only charges for $8,http://www.aionwowbuy.com

  19. Jerry says:

    Hundreds people buy US iTunes from http://www.zhljerry.com for a fair price. See the facebook for details.


  20. Doug says:

    you can also get them at EB Games

  21. kris tackes says:

    Speedway and SuperAmerica Gas stations

  22. Doc Terry says:

    Canadians, note. I learned today that Costco (Canada) will no longer be carrying iTunes gift cards. Indeed, the sales assistant said they have discontinued all Apple products.

    Another example of Corporate executives more concerned with their income/prestige/face-saving/etc than they are with customers.

    It was nice to save $5 on a $60 gift card pack.

  23. AJ says:

    Ummmmmm…mary…just because someone sells a gc for less then face value doesn’t mean it’s fraudulant. People do it all the time on ebay…

  24. BinkyJ45 says:

    Just came from Costco. They no longer have iTunes gift cards. An associate told me Costco and Apple are in a price point dispute.

  25. Karina says:

    Smiths In las Vegas and other cities,any 7 11s,shell,chevron and at t-stop only located in trona california

  26. hanry says:

    i sell gift card itunes cheap balance $50 price 30$ delivery email fast . contact email: auditionc4s@gmail.com
    skype: jamehut

  27. danielle says:

    heres the best site: all through paypal!

  28. Adie Andrews says:

    I think official store of apple will be the places at least you could be sure what you are buying and that it will work for sure.

    Greest apartments for the Olympics

  29. Bobbie says:

    NOT TRUE!!!! I am selling two ITunes gift cards that were NOT purchased with stolen anything. Sometimes people just need money instead of music. Or maybe they don’t use ITunes. To say if someone is selling one it is stolen or purchased with stolen money is insane. Mary – Get your facts straight.

  30. Marty says:

    iTunes-GiftCards.com all the way!

    they buy their cards from the US so it’s 100% legal NOT fraud

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