Sometimes purchasing gift cards for children can be a hard decision. We often find ourselves at a loss for what’s hip or cool. The generation gap can prove to be an obstacle for parents, family, and friends alike. Let’s be honest, no one wants to buy a gift for a child if they have no use for or aren’t going to enjoy spending it. Some gift cards though, are almost always going to hold value and will most likely appeal to children no matter their personality, hobbies, or interests. This list is broken up into categories by age and will specify boy or girl if it pertains, beginning with gift cards proper for all ages.

All Ages

Ben & Jerry’s

Even adults love ice cream but most children probably like it even more. The safe bet here is that if a kid doesn’t like ice cream or is lactose intolerant, you will most likely already be aware. Ben & Jerry’s, a popular ice cream shop with locations all across the country, offers individual pint coupons for only $4. These coupons can be redeemed at any retail store that sells B&J pints or at an official Ben & Jerry’s shop.


Why Target and not Walmart? Well, Walmart gift cards are pretty universal too but Target carries more appeal for children. For starters, the cards themselves are more fun and personal. Their cards are much more engaging, like the light up Christmas line.

Target also has carries inventory, specifically clothes, geared more towards the appeal of children. Their clothing selection is extremely diverse and “cool” for lack of a better term.

Cinema/Movie gift card

Movies are getting a bit expensive these days. There is always something in theaters for kids of any age. Giving the gift of a cinema gift card is almost a sure bet for success. This gives children the option to use their card to do something with a friend or family member which is a bonus in itself.  For those older boys, it gives them a chance to take a special someone on a movie date, which is an inevitable adolescent experience we have all surely enjoyed. Regal Cinemas seems to be the most populated location and we would suggest using them.

Ages 6-9


Lego Store 

Lego Store gift cards are downright awesome. The cards themselves are extremely creative and the options for redemption are endless. Lego has done the job of appeal for you, with features like Spongebob, Harry Potter, Super Heroes, and even Architecture collections.


This is for the gamer. As technology continues to evolve, younger children become more prone to video game and computer exposure. Gamestop offers everything from video games to systems and accessories as well as movies. With a huge selection, a Gamestop gift card gives the recipient the chance to select from many options.


Build A Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear workshop gift cards are more than just pick and buy. At Build-a-bear, kids are given the chance to engage in a fun activity where they actually complete the process of creating their very own stuffed animal. From choosing an animal adding the heart, these workshops offer an actual connection between the child and their product which can last for years to come. The experience is worth just as much as the stuffed animal they walk out of the store with.


This one is actually a solid bet for boys and girls. Toy-R-Us is like a wonderland for any young child with isles full of toys, games, bikes, and more. You can be sure that any kid’s eyes will light up when they get their Toy-R-Us gift card and they realize that they will soon get to make the trip of every young child’s dream.

Ages 10-15

Best Buy

Consider Best Buy as the Toys-R-Us for tweens. With everything and anything electronic you could ask for, a Best Buy gift card basically can’t go wrong. This provides the chance to redeem the gift for new releases, new technology, and car audio. These cards are sure to put a smile on every kids face.

Visa Gift Card

Why not give them the gift of any choice. That is essentially how a Visa Gift Card functions, able to be redeemed anywhere Visa is accepted. Not to be confused with a Visa prepaid card, Visa gift cards do not carry all the fees and are flat rate. These are non-reloadable, like a Vanilla card.

Should You Receive A Gift Card That You Don’t Want

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