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Gift Cards Sold at the Post Office

Beginning in May 2011, you will be able to buy gift cards at the post office. Yes, the post office. Gift Card Sales are projected to reach $100 billion this year, and the post office wants in on the action. They will start with 2,000 locations and add more locations later this year.

I think it is a smart idea for two reasons. First, some post office locations already sell greeting cards, so adding gift cards is a natural extension. Besides, the convenience of being able to go to the post office, buy a gift card and mail it right there to anywhere in the country will appeal to a lot of people. Second, the post office is struggling and could use the extra revenue from selling gift cards and also postage to mail them. And since they will initially focus on selling bank issued gift cards, this is probably going to be a hit.

Gift Card Selection at the Post Office

For now, the post office will be selling bank issued gift cards, like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. There is no word yet on which of the four brands they will be selling so be sure to check back here for more details. As you may be aware, bank issued cards can be used anywhere the card issuer is accepted.


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  1. SGS

    I just hope the PO isn’t planning to sell those VANILLA Visa gift cards, as I understand they are unusable online (and even sometimes in-store, from what I’ve heard).

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