Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day can be daunting. As the day fast approaches, if you are still unsure about what to get that special someone, then it’s time to try something new. Even if you have already picked out a gift, adding a nicely packaged gift card will complement your gift immensely. Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day Gift Cards:

Beauty & Spa Gift Cards: Treat her to a gift card for a local spa. Make sure you do some research about the spa to ensure that you are sending her to a spa that will treat her to a wonderful, relaxing experience. If you are unsure, get her a SpaFinder gift card, which are accepted at over 4000 participating spas. That way, she can choose which spa to go to. Another option is to get a gift card to a beauty products store like MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, The Body Shop or Bath & Body Works.

Books & Music Gift Cards: If your special someone likes to read, then a gift card to a local bookstore, Barnes & Noble or Borders would be a nice gift. Barnes & Noble gift cards are also redeemable at any B. Dalton Booksellers while Borders gift cards can also be used at Waldenbooks and Brentano’s stores.

Alternatively, you can go tech by getting her an Apple gift card for an iPod. If the person already has an iPod or iPhone, then an iTunes gift card would be appropriate. ITunes gift cards can be used to buy music, games, TV Shows, Podcasts and Movies at the iTunes Store.

Shopping Gift Cards: If on the other hand, the person would rather be shopping, then you have a wide range of stores to choose from, starting from specialty stores like Ann Taylor, Barneys New York, Express, Bebe, Burberry, or department stores like Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s.

As mentioned earlier, packaging your gift card is very important. You want to show that some thought went into picking out the gift card. You also want to maintain the element of surprise, even with gift cards. Some great gift card packaging ideas include a tin box, cardboard box, paper pouches, greeting cards and stuffed animals.

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