Over the last three years, we at GiftCardRescue.com have watched gift card exchange sites come and go. Usually, these new sites begin by making claims and promises,  only to fizzle out a few months later . One of the new sites to launch recently is Cardwoo. We have received calls from customers about Cardwoo’s service and we would like to clarify for our customers the difference between our business model and what Cardwoo is offering.

Payment: When looking to sell gift cards, CardWoo simply asks you to send in your cards and once received, they’ll send you a check in the mail. The problem with this model is there is no guarantee as to how much you will receive for your gift card.

At GiftCardRescue, we tell you upfront how much you will get for your gift card. With CardWoo, this could mean you may only receive 50% of your card’s value. GiftCardRescue averages between 75-80% payout for gift cards to a max of 90%. Not only does GiftCardRescue care most about getting customers the most money for their gift cards, we also want customers informed about their choices before doing business with us.

Shipping: The main selling point CardWoo uses to market their brand is the fact that they pay all shipping costs in the process. While this is great, transactions take much longer since you have to wait for their packaging to come in the mail. A GiftCardRescue transaction can be completed in the time it takes for a CardWoo package to reach their facility.

Inventory: Both GiftCardRescue and CardWoo offer a wide selection of gift card merchants for customers to choose from. However, at GiftCardRescue, we buy and sell gift cards from over 300 national merchants. In addition, we are the only site that buys and sells bank issued gift cards, like Visa, American Express and Mastercard. These options are great because they can be used at nearly every retailer.

While both companies are valid options for selling and buying gift cards, we at GiftCardRescue believe in providing the best gift card experience offered. Through outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and proven consumer satisfation, we look to earn each and every one of our customer’s trust and build great relationships for future business.

But don’t just take our word for it. Visit our testimonials page to see what real customers are saying about our service (see one of those testimonials below). Also see Gift Card Rescue reviews in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, The New York Times and others have all recommended GiftCardRescue.com.