giftcardbalancenowDo you have a gift card that you forgot about with no idea the balance left on it? I’m sure you have as this problem happens to almost everyone. There are a couple of different ways to check your gift card balance, but instead of searching google for that one special 1-800 number, where your search results are probably coming up as where to buy a gift card or free gift cards, ┬ájust go to Gift Card Balance Now.

Gift Card Balance Now is a free service offered by Gift Card Rescue that allows you to check the balance of your gift cards anytime from anywhere on the web. It’s 100% free and secure so you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to scam you of your gift card credit. The only thing you need to have ready is your gift card number and the process is really simple from there out!

We can help you check your Gift Card Balance for free but if you have any issues with the amount of credit on the card, you’ll have to contact the Merchant Directly. Check out this new free service from your premiere choice in discount gift card sales, trades, and exchanges, Gift Card Rescue!

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