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It's official: New Michigan law makes gift cards last 5 years

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has signed into law a new legislation that prohibits businesses from selling gift cards or certificates that will expire less than five years after they are issued.

As reported previously, the law will take effect Nov. 1 and also provides the following protection to consumers:

  • Michigan retailers can’t alter the terms or conditions of a gift card or certificate after it’s issued.
  • Inactivity fees and other charges can’t be applied.
  • Stores can’t refuse to accept cards or certificates during sales, close-outs or liquidations.
  • Retailers can’t refuse gift cards or certificates as partial payment for items that cost more than the remaining balances on them.

Kudos to Michigan for taking such a bold step to protect consumers.



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1 Comment

  1. Greg Patrick

    I think 5 years is a little too long. What the companies will do. Say gift card not valid in Michigan or we can not ship to Michigan. I think Amex does this and actual blames the gift card law. I think it New York, I am not sure. So, it may be harder to find a Visa/Amex/Discover/Mastercard gift card in Michigan.

    They may not be able to enforce the liquidations part if the company files bankruptcy.

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