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iTunes gift card code or pin does not work?

To redeem your iTunes gift card, you have to scratch off the silver strip covering the code and enter the code/pin number online via your iTunes account. However, this is not always that simple. For reasons that are not obvious, iTunes gift card codes are very difficult to read. Sometimes, you are not sure whether a character is the letter “o” or the number “0”. Other characters that are confusing include:

• The letter A and the letter H
• The letter B and the number 8
• The letter D and the number 0
• The letter E and the number 3
• The letter G and the number 6
• The letter H and the letter W
• The letter J and the number 1
• The letter M and the letter N
• The letter O and the number 0
• The letter P and the letter F
• The letter Q and the letter O
• The letter Q and the number 0
• The letter S and the number 5
• The letter S and the number 8
• The letter V and the letter U
• The letter Z and the number 2
As a result, some users have had to spend a lot of time trying different combination of characters to arrive at the correct pin.

If you are experiencing this issue, the best solution is to contact iTunes support and provide them with your gift card serial number (not pin number or code) and they will look up what characters you are typing incorrectly. Listed below are instructions on how to contact them:

1. Visit
2. Complete the form with your account information.
3. Under “Choose a Category”, select “iTunes cards and codes” and under “Sub Category”, select “My code is inactive or invalid”
4. Complete the rest of the form under “Ask Your Question Here”, entering as much details as possible and hit “send”.

You should get a response back with information about what you may be doing wrong. If this does not work, then your gift card may not have been activated when you purchased it or you may have a problem that has nothing to do with the code.


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  1. Jim

    Had two iTunes gift cards purchased from Walmart that did not work. I am still waiting on Apple customer service. I will never purchase another iTunes gift card. We should not have to jump through hoops to get the value we paid for.

  2. CC

    I am frustrated with apple and how slow and non user friendly their applications are. There should be clear step by step instructions on all information!!!! I AM SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Where is the pin number? It wont let me in without it!!!!!!

  4. i need to kno where the pin number is on a itunes gift card

  5. Andrea

    I am having a issue on getting my card to work!! I don’t know where The PIN # is on the card. It doesn’t tell you what is what! Dissapointed. Why should it be so difficult to do all this? ahhhh -.- very VERY dissapointed

  6. sherry bonney

    it is not apple ‘s fault the i tunes card did not get activated…it is the person that rang up the card at the register because they don’t know how to properly complete the transaction….so you get charged but there is no money on the card….having the same issue with one

  7. Joseph

    When i get an app it says that i first need to verify my payment info what does that mean? And also i dont have a card can i still get apps?

  8. Corrie

    I have tried numerous times to redeem my iTunes card and I keep getting the “invalid code” message. The card was successfully activated as I took it back to the store and had them verify, because they can’t give me a new card. I have contacted apple with no luck in hearing back from them…this will be the last iTunes card that I buy!

  9. smiley

    Invalid code….not very impressed…not to mention on christmas morning frustrated with trying to load some cash on my girls ipod touch that she got for xmas so she could purchase a game or a song….can’t even download the “free” games without loading the itunes gift card on it……very disappointing!!!

  10. Greg

    Got an iTune gift card for Christmas and it doesn’t work…very frustrating entering and re-entering the code and getting “invalid code.” Nice scam iTunes.

  11. I had recieved two iTune gift cards for christmas and when i had tryed to redeem both cards it just kept saying “invalid code”.
    This was very disapointing, since i was looking foward to downloading some new tunes and games for my iphone..

  12. Auri

    Pissed with iTunes. Cannot redeem card, get a message that it has already been used, no response from Apple. Will never purchase again. Anyone interested in doing a class action law suit against these people? Leave a message. They cross state lines to do business, this falls under RICO. Wonder how much money they have screwed people out of, for them, that is pure profitt.

  13. amanda


  14. Robert

    Just Put in long code…BUT wheres the PIN # now ? hmmm im reading all the same problems here, shucks, Walgreens lady(old) did not have a clue then…if she was suppose to activate my card pin … ??? why cant u just type in your id or something, card making Bozos….so now going to bed without any new tunes on my $25 card for ipod 🙁

  15. Jenna

    Robert…you don’t happen to be in NC do you?!!? My husband purchased a $15 gift card from a lady (old, caucasion) at Walgreens on NC I-74 in Indian Trail. I tried to use it on June 14th and not only was it invalid, but iTunes didn’t recognize my account or password at all. I’ve been using this account since 2005 and have all my email receipts for purchased music. I got in touch with iTunes support and was told someone with the username beginning in ‘super’ had already redeemed the code. Of course, they wouldn’t give me any more information, but I just thought it would be really ironic if you were ‘super’ and in Indian Trail,and having the same issues as me, and purchased the card from the same woman the day before. I have the receipt and I called Matt, the manager of the store where this was purchased and he said I would have to work with iTunes support on this, but also verified that they do not have any access whatsoever to any redemption codes from the card once they’re activated. I am like a badger when it comes to things like this and I won’t quit bugging Bekkie at iTunes until it’s resolved. They haven’t even address the sign in issue for me yet. If I already have an account I shouldn’t be able to sign up for a new account using the same exact information. This is it…if they don’t fix this one, I’m no longer an Apple customer. I know they don’t care…I don’t care that they don’t care. I’ll be interested to hear back from you Robert! Jenna

  16. Jane

    Gift cards are like cash so have to be activated at the time of purchase. The reason? Gift cards are easy to steal –just lift off the rack and out you go. Until they are ‘activated’ no money is on that card. So: Never buy gift cards at a discount on line or at a discount store ( I heard some stores were selling iTunes cift packs at a discount –but only the first one in the pack was activated…so no deal there). At times when people receive gifts we don’t know how the cards were purchased…on line? (eg ebay?)at a store ?..we may not know. When giving gift cards..always include the receipt.
    I know there are cases..where you have the receipt..clerk just didn’t activate it….I’m not talking about those situations.

  17. Millie

    I see people all the time walking out of stores with iTunes cards… Well guess what???? THEY WON’T WORK!!!!! People should know how to scan the cards at the store, people should know how to make the card properly and usable (not you guys). We all want things that we pay for with hard working money, but Apple just doesn’t want to cooperate! Apple is a piece of shit!… Or maybe it’s the people at the cash register who think they know everything, but guess what you shitbags…. yo
    YOU’RE MENTALY RETARDED!!!!!! I hate people, but not all just the ones who don’t have a lick of since. So there is my opinion…. Thanks!

  18. Marcelo Bautista

    I am very dissapointed, my hard earned money goes to waste, I buy here in Qatar an itunes card, it’s to late for me to know that this card is valid only in the us account. How can i use this here in Qatar and my account is in the philippines itunes account.


    Hi I was wandering I brought a I tunes card screeched off the black strip and can’t read the number and letters please help thank you

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