Kroger gift cards are great ways to give or receive. After all, everyone needs groceries. One of the awesome things about grocery gift cards is that they can almost always be redeemed with coupons or other store offers, which can maximize a shopper’s experience. Also, you can earn fuel discounts with the in store purchase of retail gift card.

Ways To Save At Kroger

 1.) Visit – Immediately when the page loads, a prompt appears asking for Zip code. This is so Kroger can direct any regional or local savings towards you, the consumer.

2.) Check local print such as a daily paper or mass distributed coupon books.

3.) Get the Kroger 1-2-3 Rewards Visa Card – Enables the customer to save an extra $.05 a gallon on gas and compiles reward points that can eventually add up to more savings.

How To Check Your Balance

1.) Locate The following on the back of your card

  • Gift Card #
  • Pin #

2.) Visit the designated balance check site here OR call customer service balance check hotline at 1-866-822-6252.

NOTE: If you are missing or do not know the PIN number, you must call the customer service number.

3.)Enter the information in the space provided on the website and proceed by clicking “check balance”.

4.) Your balance should load. If a problem occurs or you do not agree with the amount shown we suggest you call the  service hotline.

More About Kroger Gift Cards

1.) Available in amounts from $10-$250

2.) Reloadable at any in store cashier

3.) Kroger provides a wide range of card designs and themes for birthdays and holidays.


What is a Kroger Family of Stores Gift Card?

The Kroger Family of Stores Gift Card is a pre-paid debit card similar to a gift certificate that can be used to buy merchandise or fuel at any Kroger family store.

Can anyone use my Gift Card?

Yes, treat the Card like cash. Your name does not appear on the Card. You may use it yourself or give it to anyone you choose.

How do I purchase a card denomination not listed on the order form?

Customize your Gift Card value by combining any number of Card denominations in your order.

What products can I purchase with my Gift Card?

Use your Gift Card to purchase any merchandise in-store, as allowed by law, with the exception of  Courtesy Desk Services. Services include money orders, lottery tickets, stamps, hunting/fishing licenses and Western Union.

Can Gift Cards be used for online purchases?

Sorry, not at this time.

Does the Kroger Family of Stores Gift Card ever expire?

No, so long as value remains on the Card; however, if a Card has a zero balance for longer than 90 days, the Card will become inactive and value can no longer be loaded onto the Card.