Last minute holiday shopping has become for many, an inevitable venture. Late nights scouring the local shopping mall, or countless hours combing the web can be as unavoidable as holiday weight gains. Fortunately, GiftCardRescue is here to help, offering gift ideas each day to help make your crunch time search a bit easier. Today we will be discussing five top technology gifts this holiday season, sure to satisfy those tech savvy individuals on your shopping list.

Top Five Tech Gifts

Android Smart Phone- Android devices are the hottest item in the smart phone world, and can be had for next to nothing on a few of the major carriers. Sites such as,, and now even Best Buy are offering phones such as the htc Droid Incredible, Samsung Captivate and LG Optimus for $.01 or even free with a 2 year contract. For children or spouses looking for a new smart phone for Christmas, these deals are hard to pass up. Android smart phones will however require a data plan.

Flip ultraHD Video Camera- With Youtube and video logs taking the world by storm, many consumers have begun to hoist the camcorder. Whether you are a Youtube power user, or simply want a great video camera to document your family vacation, the Flip ultraHD video camera is a great option. The compact video recorder can easily be stored in your pocket and can record in 720p HD quality at 60 frames per second.

Kindle- E-readers are a hot gift item this year, and at the forefront of the pack is the Amazon Kindle. At only $139 for the Wi-Fi, or $199 for the Free 3G package, the Kindle is the top contender for all around e-readers. The Amazon Kindle features a new, sleek redesign, and features a full keyboard. The nice thing about Amazon is, all of your e-books are able to be easily transfered between smartphones and other devices, free of charge. We recommend the 3G version for instant access for book purchase, no matter where you are.

Xbox Kinect- The Kinect system is the latest in the motion sensory video game trend. That being said, the Kinect is above and beyond the rest of the pack. With no peripherals or controllers needed, users are truly in control of the game. Kinect ready games are limited for now, but Xbox is expected to make a strong push in this market in the near future.

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset- With many states implementing new laws to ban cell phone use in cars, blue tooth headsets are making a strong comeback. The blue tooth devices released by Jawbone are the cream of the crop. Featuring sleek, trending styling, these headsets are perfect for the hipster on your list, and with features such as wind and noise cancellation, Jawbone devices are more than just looks. offers discount gift cards to many top tech and electronics retailers including Best Buy, RadioShack and Sears, at up to 30% off face value. Supplemented with ongoing holiday sales and coupons, discount gift cards can provide powerful savings. For a full list of discount gift cards, visit our Buy Gift Cards page.