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Linens and Things Going out of Business

Folks, the economic tsunami has taken down yet another retailer – Linens ‘n Things. As I reported in this piece back in April, Linens ‘n Things has been struggling under the weight of the economic downturn. The company filed for bankruptcy reorganization in May, hoping to come out of bankruptcy as a leaner, more focused company. It appears things did not work out that way.

The company has therefore abandoned its reorganization plan and has auctioned its assets to the highest bidder. As a result, beginning Friday, October 17th, all remaining 371 Linens ‘n Things stores in the United States will begin their “Going out of Business Sales” where their entire inventory will be sold at a discount.

What does this mean for gift card holders? If you currently hold a Linens ‘n Things gift card, you may be out of luck. As I mentioned back in May, the gift cards were redeemable while the company was undergoing reorganization. But now that they have decided to liquidate the business, your card may be worthless. However, I encourage you to try and see if they will accept your card during the liquidation sale (please be kind and post your findings in the comments section to help others in a similar predicament :):)

Which brings me to the question of why the company did not alert gift card holders to come in and redeem their cards when they knew they were going under? I will explore this issue in another article since the same thing happened with The Sharper Image when they abandoned their reorganization plan and decided to liquidate the entire business, leaving gift card holders with worthless gift cards.


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  1. Amy

    I just went to my local Linens-and-Things in Fairfax, VA and they are currently still accepting gift cards. You cannot use the gift cards online or through phone orders but it looks like it is at the individuals stores discretion whether or not they are accepting gift cards in the store. So if you have gift cards I would suggest calling your local stores and use them as soon as possible.

  2. GiftCardBlogger™

    Amy, thanks for the info.

  3. Jaimie

    just happened to stumble on LNT store that said it was going out of business since I still had a gc I went in and was told i might not be able to use it. I went around to see if there was anything to buy. I bought a small item and the said it was ok. They just weren’t accepting coupons anymore. I wanted to get rid of the gc because who knows when they are going to stop letting people use them. So even though the sale was only 105 off optd to use up the card and get it over with.

    This LNT was in AB cananda

  4. GiftCardBlogger™

    Jaimie, thanks for the information. I am glad you were able to use your card.

  5. Daniel

    Was in Linen’s ‘n Things last week. They are still honoring existing gift cards.

  6. GiftCardBlogger™

    Thank you Daniel for passing this information along.

  7. Vanessa

    I still have a gift card and my local linens n things are all closed… are there any left in the country that have not closed? Does anyone know what I can do to redeem my card?

  8. J. Guliani

    I also am stuck with a couple of gift cards. Any ideas how these could be redeemed?

  9. M. Billingsley

    My 81 yr. old mother has a Linens N Things gift card and we would like to know if she can use it anywhere ?

  10. GiftCardBlogger™

    Hello, she can use the Linens N Things gift cards at any Linens N Things store that is still open during the “going out of business” sale. Once the liquidation is complete, she is out of luck so your time to use the card is closing fast.

  11. SARAHA

    I have a gift card that I received this summer as a gift. Can not believe they are not accepting it through their website! I called all of the nearby LNT stores with no luck. I also called customer service no luck there either. Their e-mail contact was still up, so I sent a message but doubt I will hear anything. Guess I better use all of my gift cards now for when the next store goes under.

  12. Katherine

    My 18 year old son bought me a LNT gift card awhile back with what little money he earns at a part-time job. Tried to use it online a while back but to no avail. Closest store was 2 hours away from our house. Now I can’t even find a list of any that are still open. Are there any listings of stores that are still open? I live in Virginia.

  13. GiftCardBlogger™

    Katherine, sorry to hear that. I live in Maryland and the store near my house is empty. I think the “going out of business” sale is over.

  14. Recently Wed

    Is this even legal? We give them actual, good money and they take that money and give us back little pieces of plastic that they can just up and decide not to take anymore? We’re not freaking buying stocks here, people. It’s ridiculous, I just want my $200 back!

  15. CoolATIGuy

    Called a couple in the Nashville area, and one in Missouri – either disconnected lines, or no answer. I did contact my State Attorney General’s office, and just received a form for reporting a consumer complaint – the lady at the Attorney Generals office that I spoke to said that they would use my paperwork (and photocopy of the gift card) in requesting a resolution from Linens-n-Things.

    Just fyi…if anyone knows of any stores still open, I’d love to find one…

  16. Jamie

    I have a gift card as well and am so upset that I cannot use it! What a mess~

    Please let me know if any are open in california 🙂

  17. Ellie

    Does anyone know if there any LNT open in Colorado? Just rying to use a gift card!!!!!UGH

  18. Tina

    What about any in NJ?????

  19. I could read a book about this without finding such real-world appocrahes!

  20. Pam

    Where can I redeem my gift ?

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